High sec stargates

When POS’s came to highsec you needed the licences to run them. why not let players build them, they would stinn need fuel, they would need a licence and they could be public (pay to travel), private. you could even use the auto pilot to select routes(or a seperate nav tool).

they would be built and maintained by corps, with the same attack mechanics as stations. this would basically make toll routs through high sec, and increase exchange between trade hubs. plus competition for gate routes could keep travel costs in check.

It will kill multiple trade hubs system. There was a reason for CCP to cut some connections from Yulai when it was popular trade hub. You suggest to, basically, revert that change.

Sounds like a way to completely avoid .5 sec systems

While it is a good idea, one that was already implemented in nullsec with Ansiblex Jump gates, my personal opinion is that those kind of structures would leave way too much freedom to highsec capsuleers. Let’s not forgot the eggers that live in 0.1 systems and above are still living empires’ watch (they just stop monitoring their aggressiveness in lowsec systems, where they have lower military presence).

As such, capsuleers living inside highsec system shouldn’t be left with so much freedom in their hands. If you want to build logistic structures to ease your travels, nullsec is the place to go to create your own little haven amongst the stars. I think that’s the reason why Upwell’s structures in highsec have limited efficiency and access to modules, such as the Athanor being able to use their mining laser only in 0.5 systems and below.

And as @Daoden said, it would be too easy to avoid dangerous highsec systems, making freighter routes even safer.

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But code could wardec any gates bypassing their ganking grounds. Wouldn’t this be a good thing?
Wars happening over keeping trade routes open, high sec players forming into groups large enough to defend against that attack.
Multiple groups battling over the gate fee market if it’s large enough.

Why is this a bad thing?

And let’s face it, Jita won years ago, the other trade hubs are mere side notes regardless.

Malcanis’ Law

Look at how Customs Offices turned out.

Malcanis’ law only applies if you are talking about newbies. People putting up Stargate routes will not be newbies. Nor would it cripple a group to not have one.
As for customs offices plenty of fighting still happens over them

Malcanis’ Law also applies when talking about the difference between smaller, poorer groups versus larger, more wealthy groups too.

At least with the current state of things in High-Sec the time it takes to journey from one end to the other is more or less equal (unless we are talking about Jump Freighters… which is a whole other story).

Currently, the effort and tactics required to move around in greater safety in High-sec is relatively low and thus not too burdensome on even the smallest of groups.

The ability to create high-sec “shortcuts” puts more tools in the hands of those who can consolidate and protect their power than the average high-sec organization that is generally leery of the mere prospect of conflict with other players.

Granted, more tools means more options and potential for conflict. But that is exactly the problem; “potential for conflict” does not necessarily mean there will more conflict.
Given the overall advantages that larger, wealthier groups would gain I believe that the long term negatives in terms of power projection and consolidation (which I can almost guarantee you) outweigh the potential positives that this idea would bring.

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