Ideas for Player Owned Stargates

After the new refinery structures hit this Winter, the next structure will likely be player owned stargates.

What features do you guys want for these new structures?

I’d be interested in tethering. Would make player owned stargates infinitely more useful to traders, especially those worried about ganking and gatecamps.

Also charge ISK toll fee for jumping (to help pay for the inevitable fuel cost of these things). And also access list for those using it.

And make individuals or groups who hold those even richer?

Also tethering sounds pretty abusable. How would you intercept a travelling vessel when it is safe at a citadel where it undocks and when it’s safe on the gate where it lands?
Get a bubble out before the gate yes, in Null but in Low/HighSec?

And, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t POS the next structures that will be changed?

Greetings. o7

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Yeah, just spitballing ideas.

Same could be argued with citadel tax and docking fees. Part of it would go to NPCs, like an ISK sink. Maybe be dependent on system traffic? More jumps, the more the NPC would get.

All the new structures are using fuel blocks, so there is a constant charge of ISK to use them.

But I see your point. I’m kinda tired of only the big guys benefiting from those sort ISK Sinks, that really just sink into an individuals wallet.

If you want to intercept a vessle, you would need to destroy the gate. It would need a way shorter destruction time, and a very small, if non-existent, invulnerability state. It costs fuel to use, and in highsec, unless your wardecced, you can be safe. Maybe tethering wouldn’t work if you are wardecced?

Again, just a bad idea, trying to start a conversation about the possible rigs and mods for the player owned stargates.

Well jumpbridges is what they’d be replacing, which I thought classified as a POS, sorry.


These are the concept ideas CCP Ytterbium presented in the original Devblog back in March 2015:

"Structures specialized toward movement in general.

Service module possibilities: Being able to affect warp speed in a solar system (positively or negatively), affect jump capabilities for capitals, alter ship movement inside a solar system, allow vessels to travel to other solar systems and modify wormhole spawning behavior.
Rigs possibilities: anything affecting the duration or effectiveness of what’s mentioned above."

Initially at least, I expect them to be more along the lines of jump bridges rather than replacements for existing gates. The feature set indicates they will be most useful in sovereign nullsec but it would be cool if they could link systems in Anoikis.

Interesting Idea. But I fear this would lead very fast to a much smaller universe.
It would need a big organisation just to keep a few systems running.
And what happens if e.g. a NullSec-Pocket get’s cut off because nobody fueled the gates? Would you have suddenly a lot gates that are being protected by fleets of group A who wants to stop group B from fueling the gate and giving access to their blingy fit ratting carriers that are going mad 24/7 in these cut off islands?
This could create content. But it could also lead to dead pipes nobody can use. At least wormholes would be used much more in the process.

This sounds much more likely to me, to be honest. But I don’t know much about them other than they are installed using what are the current POS and need fuel. ^^

A jump bridge is basically a player built stargate with a maximum range of 5 ly. You need a POS at each end and they can only be deployed in sovereign nullsec. I recall CCP Fozzie saying the medium gates are intended to replace this functionality and are a fairly high priority since it will let CCP remove POS completely from the game.

“New Space” is generally part of the discussion with player built gates but you need a gate at both ends so, how to we get to the new space to install the gate in the first place?

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Got it. Thanks for explaining.

You could spawn a specific type of wormholes that gives access to new systems in between a specific range of light years.
Then send and expedition through it which has to explore the wormhole, install structures or hack a row of existing ones there and “claim” the new space. When claimed you finally build the counterpart of the gate you already have in your system you came from.
If you are successful you have a gate to that new system.

Man would it be cool to be able to name those systems. :smiley: (After certain criteria of course)

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I seriously doubt CCP would want to allow direct gates into High Sec. Most likely any player built gate would at best connect to a system as high as 0.4. They may require Sov to be part of the ownership (after all, POS bridges will be gone with POSes), though, since this is a new structure, why have it play by old rules? Outside of Sov you might need to pay a tax in addition to fuel to placate low and null sec NPCs.

A gate would need some form of invulnerability, otherwise you just show up and destroy it anytime you feel like it. That, or have it function closer to how POCOs work where they can be shot at any time, but reinforce will come out during a time period convenient to the owner. I prefer the latter myself as it allows people to shoot it whenever they feel like and gives the owner some control over when they can defend it effectively.

Also, if I were an owner of such a gate, I would want to be compensated for any use of the gate. That said: the gate should consume fuel in two ways: a very low block per hour to maintain the gate connection and then also a fuel cost for the mass of the ship. So it should then be possible to apply a tax based on the amount of fuel used. So if the tax is 2k ISK per block and the jump requires 10 blocks of fuel, the tax the pilot will have to pay prior to jumping is 20k ISK.
If that were done, I would love to see two fuel bays: 1 for maintenance and 1 for jump consumption.