Must have features for future Jump Bridge structure

Since the ‘stargate’ structures are presumably still in the very early stages of development, I thought it would be a good idea to list a few things that absolutely need to be included on the initial release. Experience has taught me that suggesting features when CCP already has the stuff on Sisi is way too late. So here it goes.

  1. Structures with a jump bridge service module need to behave identical to a regular stargate as far as route planning is concerned. In other words, if I set a route from system A to system B and there is a JB on that route that I have access to, the map needs to calculate for that bridge and include it in the route. The structure needs to show up yellow in the overview just like gates do. This is probably the number one most important feature that needs to be in there on release day. Tear up the existing code if you have to, postpone the release by 6 months. I don’t care. This needs to be in there when the new jump bridges arrive.

  2. Multiple jump bridges per system for the love of all that is holy. Tie it in with the sov index. Sov 2 = 1 JB per system. Sov 4 = 2 JB per system. Sov 5 = 3 JB per system. Maybe throw in a fuel penalty or something if balance is a concern.

  3. A functional ACL is obvious here. But also give jump bridge owners the ability to set a tax on usage of a jump bridge. A flat rate per jump OR rate per mass. If you squeeze a freighter through a JB you would then pay a higher fee than if you were in a pod. The same thing applies to cyno beacons. ACL list and ability to tax a jump.

  4. Weapons timer (30-60 seconds) that prevents you from instant tethering after jumping through a cyno or JB. These new structures should be similar in use and risk to a regular stargate. A superhighway of 100% safe jump bridges does not allow for content. There is still the semi-automated defenses on a structure to make it a bit safer, though.

Some of these features will probably require lots of coding changes in existing systems (like cyno ACL and JB routing), but if you’re going to do this please do it right the first time.


Jump bridges already exist and while they’re finicky, I don’t think they’ll have to be changed much to work for engineering complexes.

Maybe you should actually read what I posted.

I like the things you’ve outlined for jump bridges, so I hope when CCP implements this functionality for Upwell structures (assuming they do and don’t just eliminate jump bridges from the game all together), it becomes a much more flexible system of mechanics.

At the same time, I hope this isn’t what CCP Seagul was referring to at all in the original unveiling of the roadmap. She talked about stargates being player built, leading to new areas of space with new mechanics. It was a much grander vision than jump bridges.

We haven’t heard much since those original vision statements and it’s all been assumption that the jump gates will replace jump bridges.

I hope not. Jump bridges deserve their own replacement and the grand stargate and new space idea should be a completely separate concept.

I assume cyno beacons and jump bridges will be part of the Stargate structures, but certainly not all of it. If Stargates come in 3 sizes, I imagine cyno beacons can be installed on mediums and up. Jump Bridges can be installed on large and up. And the Extra Large will come with some new mechanic that links to ‘new parts of space’ or whatever that vision wil evolve into. Maybe a semi-permanent connection to certain wormholes?

In my opinion, it would make sense to see any restructured Jump Bridge, or whatever it may be called in the future, to be player built with supporting modules for enhancement (i.e. defensive capabilities, Cyno module, etc). As an Upwell structure, this would allow access control via structure profiles and access lists, but would also add additional content to the game through defensive actions, and offensive actions, trying to interrupt an opposing force’s transport infrastructure during a WarDec, for example.

Do jump bridges even really add anything to the game? Do they help player retention? Or are they just another toy that reduces volatility in the game? I suspect the game might be better off if they were removed entirely.

And touching that topic, I suspect the whole player-built stargates might just be another jump over the shark for EVE. CCP has no vision for the future beyond that, and they haven’t even really made a good case as to why it would be a good idea to begin with.

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