New Structures: Mobile Cyno Beacon / Mobile Jump Bridge

This idea came into my mind a couple of days ago. It’s just an idea though. All numbers and especially the details of the mechanics can and probably should be changed as needed. Take it as an input to further think about the general concept rather than a finished plan :wink:

Generally the mechanics of both modules is pretty much what the name already says; Combining the Cyno Beacon/Jump Bridge on a POS with the anchoring system of the mobile structures (Mobile Scan Inhibitor or Mobile Depot for example).

The Mobile Cyno Beacon
This mobile structure can be anchored anywhere in your sov space as long as the system has sov level 2. It provides a Cynosural Field, as known, for the alliance of who anchored the structure. Downside is that it will only last 2 hours and explode afterwards. Similar to the Mobile Scan Inhibitor. It should also be destroyable in a moderate amount of time if a small group attacks it. So if you want to keep it up while hostiles are around you need to defend it well.

The Mobile Jump Bridge
For the mobile JB you need your sov level at 3, but can anchor it anywhere in space, too. It only lasts for 2 hours and will be dead after this time. In this timeframe it can be linked to any Cyno Beacon or Cynosural Field that is in range and accessible. There also should be some sort if limit to the mass and/or ships that can use the bridge. It could use fuel like a permanent Jumb Bridge or could have a predefined amount of that. This depends of how much you want to make this a logistical task and/or limit the power of this JB. It should also be killable, but last a little longer than a Mobile Cyno Beacon. Under an attack it should crack in a couple minutes as long as not defended though.

Neither of these should have reinforcement timers or be scoopable. Once deployed they will last the 2 hours or die in a fire - no leftovers.

The idea behind both modules is pretty simple. Having the ability to build up a supply line to a certain area, e.g. a fight, without the need to set up 2 POS or having a titan available. This can help smaller alliances and it might encourage reshipping again, which is sadly pretty uncommun in nowadays EVE. As the Mobile Jump Bridge can also be linked to any cyno on field it might create some interesting scenarios on which a fleet tries to protect it’s cyno - so the JB is not lost - instead of just getting a new one. (Remember, the Mobile Jump Bridge can only be linked to 1 cyno in its lifetime).
The cost of both structures should be moderate, so that it is a strategic decision to use these - but won’t eat up your wallet. Especially the money and the fact that you can’t use these without owning the sov, as well as the rest of it’s mechanics, makes Titan bridges still very viable and won’t replace them.

I do see the chance for small to medium alliances increasing their ability to use infrastructure temporally and a general slight improvement to reach fights and keep them going. On the other hand, it can be useful again to roam around the system a fight is going on in, to find and destroy the enemies supply lines - without the need of getting really big things moved to destroy a complete POS.
Last but not least it might be a possible step between POS and the upcoming structures that will replace the JBs finally.

As said in the beginning, all the numbers and details in the mechanics are just a rough idea. Tell me what you think :slight_smile:


Wait for stargates, see what happens. Since that is all the ‘travel’ mechanics supposedly

Also if you have Sov you have titans so don’t need these things. The people who could actually use these are all the people without Sov.

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Agreed. If you’re going to have portable cynos, make them available to us sovless schlubs who do our thing in lowsec and don’t always have a cyno buddy or titan/blops available.

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Well, it would be a possible Option to also allow these in lowsec to help them with their infrastructure of course. I kept the sov-requirement for the idea of limiting the use and power of these structures.

Well, stargates are not jumpbridges and they are very far ahead in the future. As there is no real information floating around other than “we want structures that influence the movement” just waiting for them doesn’t seem like the killer-argument to my idea though.

Also: The assumption “if you have sov, you have Titans” is not necessarily true. Not everyone has Titans and not everyone has Titans available all the time. As written in the text this could help smaller to medium sized alliances to project and fuel their combats.

Malcanis’ law adapted. If it helps the small alliances it makes life so much easier for the big alliances also. And sure not everyone has titans available all the time, not everyone will have these available all the time. The Sov restriction actually keeps them more as a big boys toy.

And yes, Stargates are not jump bridges. However they are using this opportunity to clean up mechanics that they no longer feel work in quite the right way also. And they are not going to be ‘just’ stargates. Stargates is the name for the class of structures in development, not ‘You will build gates just like exist now and that’s all’.
Hence the wait and see what they actually develop.

this aged well.