[Suggestion] New Deployable Structure - Mobile Bridging Station

With the Prevalence of Titans and Supers in the Null Sec Alliances I feel there is room for something that can bring a balance to smaller gangs and LS groups. This would be an anchored deployable much along the lines of a Mobile Micro Jump Units. They come pre-fueled for a limited number of ships or mass to take a “Titan” Bridge to an in fleet Cyno. Titan Bridges are now available to many at the Alliance level, but smaller groups who do not own NS Sov do not have the availability. This would bring several new styles to the game and would even be used by the NS alliances on smaller level as well. In addition, on an economic level it would bring another item to be constructed by the Indy side of the game and a new sink of materials from single use items such as Mobile Cyno Inhibs and the like of single use deployables.

Mobile Bridging Station

  1. Range – 6 Light Years

  2. Fatigue – Similar to existing fatigue as any ship using a Titan Bridge
    (Edit) Suggestion that these would cause more jump Fatigue than standard)

  3. Ships – Any sub-cap ship can take this bridge but no more than X total ships may jump (Or Mass depending on ease of coding on CCPs side) -Mass however can be an abused mechanic as large Frigate fleets can jump but only a small number of Battleships. Raw numbers is less likely to be abused. Perhaps a combination of the two, would end up used but I feel

  4. Online timer – Similar to a Mobile Cyno Inhib before Bridge can be connected.

  5. Decay – 1 hour from “Launch” the Station will decay and be removed from space

  6. Anchor – Must be more than 1,000km from any other structure or deployable structure.

  7. Can not be scooped to Cargo after Launching into Space.

  8. After Burned out the Structure remains in space and provides a Kill Mail if destroyed up to an hour from “Launch” (called a consolation prize by some, this will also be visable on killboards for research of “hot droppers”)

  9. Size – I picture them being roughly the same m3 as Mobile Cyno Inhib at ~300m3

Similar to Anchoring a Bubble, the owner selects the active Cyno to link the Bridge to. This activates the Station and links the bridge. Once the Cyno dies, either by time out, or the initiating ship getting destroyed, the Station deactivates and will not allow further bridges. Ships that are currently targets by a Scram module can’t use the Station. Scramming the Station will disallow a bridge from connecting but not cancel an existing Bridge. This would allow a small gang to sit on the Station waiting for a hunter to light a Cyno and the owner to activate the Bridge when told, similar to a Bridging ship.

I originally posted this to Reddit for some feedback before posting here.

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Use Black Ops


Covert Ops style ships are very different sort of fleets and play styles. You can not brawl with Covert ops fleets unless you are flying T3Cs and even then, Covert T3C are not good brawlers either.

thats not that bad of an idea

edit it to finish or refine your thought in bullet point #3 and i think you got a winner.
+1 to countersalt.

Thank you, Yeah I am not able to really give that the full “Ballance” test that would be required in feeling out the final numbers for how many ships could use the Station, I personally feel raw number of ships to be a better limit, as well as less likely to be abused. If it had a set mass to allow say, 3-5 Battleships jump it would then allow a full 250+ man Interceptor fleet to jump as well. I state both as options for the hopefully eventual CCP programer who gets this as a project to consider both options, who knows which is actually easier to code anyways?

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