New Structure

Alright here me out.

A Small/Medium size structure that can be used for various things:

-Only able to have Cruiser and below Dock in it
–For Larger ships it acts like a mobile Depot
-Can have Advertisement Banners all over the outside of it (A new billboard system!)
-Can be used as a Administrative HQ for Corps (why not?)
-Can have minimal manufacturing/Research Bonuses
*–Manufacturing Material Equipment -1% *
*–Manufacturing and Science Job duration -5% *
*–Job Fee -2% *
–Manufacturing and Research Service Module Fuel Usage -25%
–Can only build Cruisers and below
-Can have limited amount of things sold in it (10 item types)
–Owner can limit the items sold
-Only able to anchor near planets (up to 4 per system). if system is claimed by another CORP they have to allow these to be built in respective system (Alliance/Corp Members/Anyone/No one)
-Can Host Clone Bay
-DOES NOT Tether

You think why would we want this?
Well for one Role Playing!
Ever think of running your own Gamble Station? With Blackjack? Hookers? Booze?
Create your own Luxury Cruiser and you can sell them and host all the Exotic parties you want!!
Can be used for “Exotic” or “Illegal” wares.

Other uses
Small Administrative HQ for Corps
Possible “Emissary Stations” for Alliances
Hey could also be a Temp Ganker home.


How long does it take to anchor/unanchor and what is the target for its cost?

I one man garage, shop.

You get to do one task, period. No agents, no insurance.

CCP has said repeatedly that they are trying to develop an outpost Upwell structure to replace the functionality of POS’. Personally, I would like to see something that could anchor/unanchor in one step in less than an hour, no office rental, you can fit one service, has docking, personal and corporate hangar space, and repair facilities. Maybe take a cue from POS and have turrets that could be anchored outside the structure that auto-fire when attacked.


This would be awesome for WHs

I love the RP line of being a lone researcher in a hostile wormhole that is millions of AU away from civilization.

Just me, the tiny research outpost, and the sleepers that lurk within…

great idea

What CCP will made of it:

  • it will not auto-fire when nobody is home
  • can be reinforced with 3 destroyers in an convenient timeframe
  • all items are locked inside when its RFed and will drop when it goes boom
  • requires a core that will reward any blob that riskless wipes it away
  • will have defensive combat capabilities of a T1 cruiser
  • will cost a billion ISK
  • requires 6 hours to anchor, then has a timer where it can be shot down instantly and will then need another 12 hours to come online

Then they will call it “S-Citadel” and claim that is much better than a POS because it can have skins and you can dock.

Rest assured, Nullsec alliances will make sure that thing won’t work ever for small groups.

Nobody asked you.

Oh I like this idea. I like the Remote Embassy idea, now if CCP would allow walking in Stations just in that structure, then diplomacy would get a step up. anyone for a food fight?

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