Idea for smal POS replacemnt

Make a ship with ship maintenance bay (size for 2 barges/exhumer, 1 cruiser/industrial).

Usable only when anchored (time to un-/anchor 10 minutes)
When anchored only armor/hull is there, only passive modules do have an effect, when anchored there is a bonus to armor/hull/resists - like bastion mode.

Add a fleet hangar

Slot layout similar to Porpoise…
Ship may pass throught C1 holes.
Role bonus to scan probe strength, may fit cloak with no movement penalty.

Call it small mobile home

! Edit !
After anchoring, the pilot is able to aktivate a ship in the maintenance bay.
Fly at the target position - anchor - switch one of those ships

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So… Orca.


Or a Bowhead?

OP, you don’t seem to be aware of the massive spam that will come upon us all. Just move through highsec and you will see that there are masses of abandoned, low power structures already.

As long as CCP doesn’t let us destroy stuff more easily,
adding even more spam isn’t really going to do the game any good.

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Not at all
No pilot neede after anchoring

Did I write anything about a damage cap?
No defences, no timers - shoould be easy to take out…

If you want to play house get an upwell.

So weaker than a mobile depot…
People won’t use it.

I like the idea, but i think there should be few ships of different size of this new class (super-capital, capital, battleship), which may act like small mobile stations.

Special deploy module for these ships may work similar to siege modules with longer deployment timers.

After deployment ship starts to work like a structure with no reinforces and no direct capsuleer’s control needed.

Variety of modules like clone bay, ship maintenance bay, ore hold, research and production bays may be fitted to alter ship’s functions.

Always wanted to see something like titan to be not only a DD and bridge platform, but stand-alone exploration and siege support unit.

The main goal is to support fleet on system siege or to provide a mobile base of operations in region.

Back in the day when I was a proper miner/manufacturer I used an orca as a mobile mining camp with barges/exhumers/frigates in the SMA but basically u had to dock up then organise ur ships etc. This doesn’t work as well tho in systems without a station/structure.

I occassionally pondered that it would be cool to be able to deploy a temporary structure that allowed u to dump ore/ice/gas and was capable of compression. So then u would use an industrial later to do the pick up and tear down. U can sort of do this to some extent with a freight container and an MD but of course no compression.

So I would imagine something like a combined mtu/md with a 5000 m3 general hold and a 100k m3 ore hold with compression function.

As to structure spam, make it so that it won’t last more than 2 days without being open to anyone who can scan it down. Might even cut down on the number of vanity athanors in hisec.

As to other temp structures, idk, I’m sure there are situations where something similar might be useful but unsure about consequences.

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