Mobile home

I got this idea of eve fan fest when they said they wanted to make day trip stations.
how about making a mobile home “caravan” type of home.

Say have a “cap” size ship that can go anywhere but have no weapons and fighting abilities in travel mode.
but it can anchor up at be a tiny home away from home.

this would make things easier, as you can have all gods and loot in 1 place and have it with you when you leave the spot that you are exploring.

So here is a suggestion on how it might be

Freighter/Carrier size ship
no offensive weapons while not anchored
some offensive while anchored.

High slots - 8 high 2 citadel missile holders 1 Anchor holder can equip ore processing clone hub refinery and production. with then 1 spare for what one want on it.

Mid slots - 5 that can be used as normal.

Low slots 4/5 that can be used as normal- but 1 dedicated to subspace power anchor to facilitate power when it goes into anchor mode.

In anchor mode it must use fuel as normal citadels to operate all modules.

( * It have 1 bay of citadel fighter wing along as defensive capabilities only usable in anchor mode.)

It operates as a normal citadel in anchor mode and normal ship in unn anchor mode.

Would also like to see ships up to cruiser or bc be able to dock inside it. this is just a wish tho. but it have a small range tethered option of say 2km or alike.

Anchor/Unn anchor time say 1h /1,5h


All it would be is an even bigger loot piñata to gank…

Not really, as lets say it can have defense in terms of shield and hardeners as a carrier. you would need an av-full lot of ppl to take it down before concord comes and ruin the party. :stuck_out_tongue:
As i only stated in the post it’s size and not defensive capabilities as mid and rigs can be used as normal as can low slots beside 1 that is for subspace anchor.

but if you use it in low and null well then it is a gank object for sure if not properly protected.

And just like a freighter, I can still use a bump Machariel to keep you from, well, from doing anything…

In my orca when I was bummped I just set speed, set direction and went to watch movie , when I return after few hours "bumper " was not there any more :rofl:

Back to OP, I use orca for “mobile home” and I strongly support your idea. :+1:

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well this would be a nice addition to small citadels… or it could replace small citadels… or be entirely a separate function aside from them. I think its an interesting idea, mobile home, lol, a lil pop up camper, perfect. I just wonder though, anytime a pvp gang sees one on grid, or on d scan, they are gonna get followed around till they in a vulnerable position and shot all to ■■■■. lol

would be nice if you can dock ships in this… or it project a force field around it. ALSO cause we are making this ■■■■ up as we go along, make it automated, and stand vertical when anchoring, like the rorqual or some ■■■■. lol. then it poops the field around it and anythign in side is safe? till you destroy the shield and armor of that thingamabob. whatever we call it.

what size whs can it enter? if its capital size… can it enter into a c2 or c3, only c4 and up?
mass… more like?

um, can it do stuff? or just have a field or safe port, tethering, what not…

deployment time is reasonable. an hour is a good wait to have it all up and running, is there any restrictions as to how long it will stay anchored? say a week limit? is that even reasonable to suggest?

What would it look like? would there be one for each faction or, would this be like an ORE ship? make it an industrail platform,

they use this for mobile and covert operations, perhaps even behind enemy lines while they are out on deployment. Or meant as a deep space transport, but also midway station at the same time… making it easy to travel longer distances with a small or solo gang.


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Sounds like you want an overgrown Orca.

Well the idea is that is can be used as a platform for all exploring and all that you really want to do with it, as it is capable of using citadel items as clone hub/factories and alike. but it must have fuel blocks to use them as normal citadel.
See it as a normal small citadel but capable of moving.
The subspace anchor is power booster to cap and power grid, so once the ship have anchored the power module turns on and you can equip the modules you want to use. “boost the cpu/power to small citadel levels.”

( i like the idea of forcefield) but i think that will be op as it have 2 km tethered capabilities.
but again just a idea of it.
Trying to balance it to current game and all. it might never happen but i would love to see something like this.
as it gives more reasons to explore and move about in space pr say.

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I’ve seen what happens when you have a mobile home.


Well nothing is safe in eve so point is irrelevant to this either way, as it is the choice of the individuals that want to use it if it is worth the risk or not.
As soon as you undock in any ship you are potential target for gank so i don’t really understand why ppl drag it up all the time if you think it is gank object and are or would be afraid to use it, then don’t use it.
Same with citadels not safe/ships not safe/pod not safe we get the point. stay on topic for or agents we all know that things get ganked and dies so to ppl that drag it up all the time remember not to undock as you might die. :wink:
So back to the topic here. :slight_smile:
we are suggesting new ways to play with new thinking and new ideas of ships and possibilities to the game.
and CCP is looking into this as they did mention on eve fan fest so i am just opting for an alternative small day travel citadel that makes more sens in my opinion and look like others also agree with the idea.

Depos with more than the current version would be sufficient.

A construction Depo which can only build what it can contain, a refining Depo that uses time to refine or compress ore, a research Depo which can only contain a single blueprint, all small size possible to pick up and remove since we’re moving away from control towers.

BUT when you make it a thing someone PILOTS around then we’re not looking at a small citadel anymore. When you move to let people dock you are now doing carrier level work.

To move clones to you’re looking at a Titan.

Putting all this into a thing you have the option to fly away from the location it’s at with zero risk to being scooped up is a bit much. Start with what already exists and adjust it.

So no. I do not support making a device that supplants multiple eve ships that already exist for your benefit.

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Then i guess you are apposed to ccp’s plans as well then?! to make small citadels that you can set up in short time and take down in short time.
And put into a freighter or what one can use to ferry it around.
only difference here is that it is self mobile.

it is precisely the same, but not a ship !

And it is a faar cry from a carrier and a titan ! not shure how you can compare the 2 ! yes titan can have clones normal carrier cant.
Titans and carriers can defend them self on the fly, this cant! unless it is anchored
you argue clone mobility, rourq have it what is the difference?

I don’t see the validity to your claim here. and not only for “my” benefits this is first and foremost ccp’s idea that i expand on. This is and can be utilized in many ways and give more options to fleets and single players.
say you and the corp wanna do war and you put it up at a strategic place then you have a benefit right there.

Dont be so narrow minded, try and see possibilities rather the negative to all things.

Odd that statement…

just for size estimate!!
“i wanna point out i can fly carriers and super caps. so no it is not a wish to fly large ships don that been there.”

Size is never a concern when making a estimate of what a ship can do. What already exists that this would be doing does matter. Titans are for jump clones that can relocate. Freighters can relocate ships that players can use or other objects. Rorqual can compress ore. Carriers are moving ship docks.

Citadels are immobile objects.

Small quick to deploy and equally quick to remove are depos.

So you didnt aswer about if you also are agenst ccps plans to make fast setup of citadels.? For day trips. ?
you need to be as this is the same just another idea of the same thing.

and beside it is only an idea, if you dont like it well that is your thing and you are perfectly free to be so. but i would love to see it. and i guess many others would also.
but it is what it is. :smile:

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A ship is not a citadel. Stop making them equal.

it would be if you just add a few jet packs on it and unachor it…

this sounds like the mobile stations thread under another guise, +1

So when do we establish trailer parks for all these mobile homes?