Mobile Mooring Station

Hi all, I come to present another of my ideas.

this one is a new deployable called “Mobile Mooring Station”
taken from the concept of Mooring Buoys from real life.

the concept is that the deployable is meant to be dispoable and when deployed will tether people too it. am not sure if this should be fuel based or strictly for a limited time.

not every system has a structure in it which you can tether too and tethering to a structure is MUCH more convenient than using the repair service.

the idea is that the tether will protect you and others while the deployable is active, however the structure itself can be attacked and subsequently destroyed. I think this will be good for all regions of space and help level the playing field between small gangs and large alliance / coalition fleets
genuinely thought about how it could be abused but i’m coming up short.

thoughts anyone?

CCP discussed the possibility of a FOB back when they first introduced Flex Structures, and several people have made different proposals since then… but the idea appears to be either dead, or on the back burner. So, I dunno. All I can say is that a lot of people are interested in the idea of a FOB.

tbf i wasn’t thinking about using this as an FOB I just thought it would be a neat thing for players to have, but then again if you used this like the mobile depo where you put it into re-enforced and tether doesn’t work, meaning you have to fight to defend it as an FOB. but my thinking was more just a temporary mooring quick in space repairs for systems and locations which don’t have tether services.

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