Battle Can (Can O' Drakes)

so I was talking with a buddy who is getting back into EVE and I told him about an idea i had a while ago. The Mobile Mooring Station:

Link: Mobile Mooring Station - #3 by Drogon_Mace

and while discussing it we talked about how one of the most difficult things in the game is moving ships, the larger the more difficult. I thought as a way to expand upon the idea of these being used as FOB’s for attacking corps or alliances, these structures allow for the fabrication of ships in space, i don’t mean going the whole hog with putting in docking features and industry lines, but what i do mean, is the "Battle Can”

The battle can is a canister which contains one or more ships compressed down including their fitting to fit in a ridiculously small space, it could be argued for the purposes of the LORE that these new containers use micro abyssal anomaly generation technology based off of recovered abyssal tech, this would get a special ruling because even though it has the same mass, the abyssal tech would make it weightless in the ships cargo even though it still takes up M3.
Giving the ship carrying the can the ability to move quickly without flying as if it were a normal ship of that class and not move slowly due to mass limits of whatever ship it maybe.

If the timer on the can runs out, it destroys the ship carrying it (que the self destruct animation and ejecting capsule) an the “ship in a bottle” would deploy onto grid taking a few minutes to set up.

Personally I like the idea of using the golden animation of reforming ships from the Phoenix trailer, where they get destroyed then get reformed. But I’d also settle for the cool animation structures use

If the can pops at a mooring station the ship becomes tethered, during this process, this would be a good way to give people the chance to form up response fleets and such.

Expanding more on the mobile mooring station, i feel this should be a taxable asset, meaning it has a number of uses before it pops out of existence, kind of like wormhole mass, you exceed the mass of the tether and you over stress the mooring station and it pops out of existence.

Its usable for basically everyone and the good old idea of popping a can in eve and the old prank toy of popping a can of snakes, lead to the concept of “a can o’ drakes” this last bit a side i actually think this could lead to some interesting new game play developments.

TLDR: make special jetcans spawn ships

You used a whole lot of words to say “bring back ship assembly arrays” …

its not quite the same thing…

Yeah, i know. I ignored the bits where you think a logistics network should be trivialized

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logistics networks are still just as valid if not more important, the suggestion i have written up allows for rapid response of larger ships to a FOB without compromising the integrity of existing logistics networks. this idea could be used to secure systems to in fact secure or develop further logistics lines.

a costly but quick response for larger assets or a response fleet.

some people are near by but no assets, faster asset travel allows for players to turn up in a pod, jump into a ship which is deployed directly into space for them and get involved in the brawl.

the battle can if costly to make won’t replace logistics lines, but will help for rapid deployment.

meant as a tool of convenience for alliances, not individual players.

Something that devalues good logistics networks and pilots. This is a challenge that should exist.

We have plenty of tools for this for small, moderate, and large operations.

Even this is already possible.

The ability to rapidly deploy and to do so in unexpected locations is exactly the job of alliance logistics.

Yes… it’s convenient because you wouldn’t need to work nearly as hard on your logistics network.

Good logisticians are extremely valuable in eve, look at any overwhelmingly successful group in eve you’ll find they have several. And many have fallen because they lose this small handful of pilots.

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I guess all the other assets in the game are completely null and void then, modules, ores, minerals, pi, reactions, gasses, don’t need transporting then?

because this idea is intended to move some fitted ships to a direct to space deployment situation.

Sure they do and i would (and have) argued against making the job any easier. I was one of the people that pushed to remove module compression because it did just that.

This. The only reason I had a citadel was for compression. Since I can now do that using any Porpoise or Orca, I no longer had a need for the citadel and unanchored it.

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Yeah, I still don’t fully understand why they gave this to orcas especially. If it was just regular ore but for ice gas and moon goo you still needed a structure i could have understood. That or had they added some sort of waist to the ship modules doing it.

sounds like it saved you a vast level of risk, no more risk of war decs, substancially fewer running costs, now you have ship based compression, seems far more convenient, no?

convenience comes at a cost

considering you hate this idea for logistics pilots, how about discussing the same concept and applying it to warclones and their inevitable return.

get sucked into the vacuum of space, emergency fighter deployment. or something similar


Convenience does indeed come at a cost. Those who wanted compression modules for the Porpoise and Orca are now whining that the industrial core needed to run it makes them a sitting duck.

you know thinking about it, these ideas I’ve posted make for great guerilla warfare style approaches, very hit and run, but each hit is in fact a decent length battle.

reminds me of some war a few years ago, it was something like “everyone against this one alliance” or something, imagine if groups from across the map didn’t have to sink such substantial isk into logistics for small assets and could of been more effective in the war. might of turned things around.

pretty sure you’re talking about the war of sovless aggression. and no, your idea wouldn’t have “turned things around”

there are already plenty of options for guerilla tactics and punching up. most of your ideas make it easier for larger groups to fight off smaller ones, not the other way around.

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disallow usage if corp or alliance size is above X number.

What ppl don’t get is that the restriction on corp/alliance size won’t matter.

Nato as a bad example. All individual corps are in an alliance that is at its max. Shake hands with another alliance and just turn each other blue.


see but to realize that he’d need to actually think about his ideas rather than fantasize about them.

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even if corporation size isn’t a factor, by making it difficult to manufacture and thus costly, but obviously less than a station.
small groups can hit out at large groups making it clearly a goal to achieve to get a few good licks in.

where as larger groups when scaling by player numbers, this factors in mainly to the mooring post i mentioned, you could easily have a player limit too each mooring.

sure would be able to anchor more of these structures but considering they’re on a limited life span themselves, it would be easier simply to just… i dunno anchor a structure?

one factor could be to disallow docking when carrying a battle can.
you could also make it so that active battle cans (the ones which are waiting to pop) cannot be dropped into structures from space.

everything above balances the cost effectiveness for small to larger groups, maintains logistics lines and still achieves its intended goals.

as mentioned several times these are intended for direct to space deployment, this way you don’t end up with titans inside structures which don’t allow them and helps focus groups for direct space deployment.

similar to how battles used to be scheduled for anchoring a POS or counting down its reinforcement for the next battle, people could easily form up at the mooring station and wait for the count down to pop, when it does, its go time.

You don’t seem to understand how things work.

Anything affordable to a small group is exploitable by a large one.

with the correct balance aka limits it can be used by it wouldn’t be cost effective for larger groups, meaning there would be no point, it would be easier to just anchor a structure.