Capsuleer Owned Forward Operating Bases

Title says it all, capsuleers should be able to put down FOB’s
currently watching the eve universe show and Ashterothi is discussing POS’s but also mentioned that FOB’s COULD be comming to players, so my thought is this

instead of removing the POS code, why not revamp the code and effectively giving POS’s a rebranding and make them FOB’s for players, it would be nice to have these anchor able anywhere instead of around moons

I’ll admit i’m not entirely up to speed on the issues with POS code, but i think this would be a great way to reuse a previously existing asset. personally i don’t really POS’s but i don’t feel like they should be removed from the game, but dusting them off, patching them up a little and a new lick of paint… i’d be okay with that, especially if FOB’s were helpful for warclones

POS need to die a horrible death.

you can already do it !

playe a POS on which moon you want or place a Citadell wherever you want and …TADA… you now have a player owned FOB !

perhaps they could be better used for sov null this way instead of putting down a keepstar in an enemy system after a huge tidi fleet the go to becomes an FOB, much more cost effective and ultimately more deadly than a Keepstar. PERHAPS this could be used to replace the territorial claim unit in game possibly.

instead of coding something entirely from scratch it would make sense to polish up older code, give it a make over and use that instead, was just my two cents on the matter seeing as (at least as far as I know) TCU’s & POS code is from the same era, if combined it would be a pretty vicious combination, the level of chaos applicable to a sov null system when considering the capabilities of warclones and tactical recloners would be absolutely nuts.

After poses are removed from the game, the only reason for CCP not to use the graphic asset, is if they want to upgrade the model / textures. In that case, they’ll do w/e they want in terms of what the thing looks like.

It’ll be cheaper for them to start from scratch. It’s old code, and tied into old systems. It’ll be much better to write something new, with better programming techniques.

Posses were used for the original sov system. That was changed with dominion… and then later again with Fozzie Sov. As it stands now, it’s looking like the current sov is going to be replaced with some rendition of how faction war works.

All that said, I’m in favor of more deployables, as I’d like there to be more things in space. Not just what we have now, or varying degrees of it, but also things like small space farms and shipyards that can be attacked without a timer.

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all valid points, tbf i have no idea how critical the code is, but if they’re going to finally remove it once and for all and replace it building off new FW Mechanics then i’m all for it.


all of this throws money at CCP

so you want a cheaper but more dangerous keepstar to put it as a FOB ? oO

did you know, that structres arent developed as “self defense plattform” ? they are simply just structures, YES they have some weapons and e-war and YES they can change a fight… but you still need a big enough fleet to save your structure xD

so… player owned FOB´s are still exist and you only want to buff them !

why did they need to remove the POS ? oO yes its an very old gameplay element but why is it so important to remove this before something new can developed ?

why ? where is the improvement of this ?

Because it fills space with things that actually serve a purpose… and it makes people defend their space when attackers come rolling in.

It follows the “farms and fields” theory of game design, soft targets that can be raided, as opposed to the larger strucures that have timers, which would be the equivelant of walled towns and castles.

PI that can be attacked, will also fall under this same category of farms of fields.

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please read the whole thread

you already have all you need to fill your actual purposes ! and i dont see any reason to use a “mobile construction thing” with no timer if i can use an engeneering complex with 2 or 3 timers …

you already defend your home if someone comes to destroy it !
but if you have a ■■■■ tone of stuff you cant defend because you are at work and they kill it without any timer … would be absolutley ■■■■ for eve

doesnt change anything ! you have already all your stuff for a player FOB ! its called POS or citadell … so no need to create something else which is cheaper and srtonger as you already wrote … see in the follow quote !

Why are you so angry? Every time you respond to someone you’re always so hostile.

… also, your post basically reads like:

things exist, so we don’t need more things.

I guess CCP can just stop developing EVE now. The voice of reason has descended upon us.

people will kill things when I’m not there

Get some friends.


why the hell i should be angry ? xD

all i said is CCP dont need to spend time for developing useless things we already have and whats working pretty perfect !

nice xD your idea only works for big alliances with more then 1 timezone … sounlds not only like a useless idea also as a stupid idea !

why is it bad to have such stuff which explodes without timer ( important stuff not like an worthless MTU ) ?

the time i write is always see´n as local time for you ! this can be slighley different from country to county !

the normal corp is buil up on 1 timezone … this means the most ppl of a corp are NOT there from about 23:00 evening to 17:00 evening ! the time between the normal persons are sleeping and at work ! sometimes, and this is only speculative, they have something else to do in real life !

and you want to have stuff that can get blown up without any timer for example at 10:00 in the morning where about 80% of a corp cant be there ? great idea to kill a game xD

If it’s so worthless, why do so many people use it?

You’re being a bit hyperbolic. I’m not saying everything should change to not having timers, just that there should be more items in the game that don’t have them.

No one will force you to use them, but some would take the risk and be rewarded for it.

humans are lazy …

looks like you dont want timers … and you said you want more stuff like a shipyard without any timer …

if you have smaller versions of the smallest engeneering complex and you have no timer for this then it dont have any improvements … it only has risk ! and some ppl would think “but it will be cheaper” yes it is but this is not an improvement if you can get this little thingy destroyed without any timer !

and you cant have a smaller version with the exact boni like a medium engeneering complex ! if this were implementet then you would have reduced boni für manufacturing !

and then the next “problem” … is your shipyard a corp structure ? or is it a player structure ? if its a player structure then there need to be a reason you cant just spam it into space ( maximum 1 allowed ) ! because you were not able to get a war if its a player based structure but you can have a manufacturing structure … so it need to be limited in construction slots and research slots … maybe no reaserch on this !

there is so much inconsistenz in your “idea” that it good only shittier if you think about it !

So in other words, not worthless.

Both can exist at the same time. All our current structures that have timers, will continue to use them. All I’m saying is there should be additional cheap structures without them.

Ahh, but it might not be destroyed. That’s the potential reward.

Why not? People are taking the risk of placing these structures in space that can be destroyed easily without a timer, so giving them the same bonuses as the safer expensive structures isn’t unreasonable. It’s up to the players to decide what risks they wish to make.

Player structure for sure.

Spam away. You’re limited on how many industrial jobs you can install based on your skills anyway.

I think the concept is quite consistent.

there are faster and better ways if you want to loot and salvage …
its only used because ppl dont want to be active and its an afk structure ! in other words … useless

reward if its build worse then the regular one ? reward if its take more time to build then a regular one ?
reward if you cant build with 10 slots like on a regular one ?

there is no reward … only a cheap structure with no usage …

no it makes no sense if it has the same boni with same construction speed and the same construction mats … then there were no reason to have the engenerring complexes !

anf if you can install 10 jobs ob this thing its better then an engenerring complex xD you need to reduce the jobs and have way less boni !

nope its not ! you only want anything where you can construct stuff with the same boni as an enegeering complex but this structure need to be way cheaper … this is just a very stupid idea !

Look man, you can’t call it useless when people are actually using it. By definition, it has a use.

Just because there are faster and better ways of doing something, doesn’t mean the less efficient ways don’t have a use or are even bad. They each have their use case.

I’d probably just give each structure one job, but all that is just economic balance, so it’s irrelevant for our discussion.

So what is it? is it useless? or is it over powered? it can’t be both.

And you call me inconsistent.

Anyway, I think I’m done talking to you, it’s an exercise in futility.

this is why it should limited by only 1 per player and 1 job per structure … ! easy …

the way it should be its useless and the way you want it its overpowered … so simple :wink: if you would read then you would understand it !

yes i call you ! and i called your idea as stupid … why ? because it is stupid !

you dont have any arguments to bring your idea from a idiotic state to an okish state ?
i dont wonder :wink: most ppl on forum with their “best idea ever” will end up silent because they cant sell their product ! why they cant … its not a good product

Anyway, it’s clear the thread got a bit derailed. Regarding the original post:

Player interactable fobs are technically already in the game: the pirate staging ground in the factional warfare space is referred to as a fob. I’m not sure if the vod / stream you were watching was specifically talking about this, or if it’s in reference to how the sov system will be adopting parts of the fw system.

It’s possible (and quite likely) fobs and ship casters will be a relevant piece of that system. Even if the initial invading faction doesn’t use fobs, perhaps third parties making use of the corruption mechanics to screw with the war zone will use them.


i can see the new corruption mechanic being used to revamp sovnull basically to get rid of the old system and bring a new one in, when you as the aggressor/defender get corruption/supression 5 you can anchor a player owned FOB.
in my mind this mirrors the behaviour of anchoring a keepstar when claiming territory in principle
however mechanically this would replace the TCU in game and to initiate the corruption/supression mechanic again you would need to siege and destroy the FOB.

that’s what I meant i think it would be pretty cool.

like how all structures need cores, using war clones with contracts to breach into structures and destroy the core would allow the winning fleet with a great level of co-ordination to take out an FOB in a singular well planned strike.


i can also see the corruption and suppression mechanic being applied to edencomm/triglavians too however if the trigs win they terraform the system or perhaps start building a stellar transmuter.

I personally think the stellar transmuters are going to play a more substantial role in the future but i haven’t figured out for what yet other than the possibility of spawning triglavian forces.

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