Capsuleer Owned Forward Operating Bases

How about a Super with a clone bay? You can reset to it and it can drop you ships. It’s also redeployable faster then a POS, doesn’t need corp ingame priviledge setups to deploy, and can be safelogged to deny it falling to other players. And it uses it’s own subscribed account, which means CCP gets money for your FOB.
As alliances also don’t like super losses, there will be consequences to people who lose theirs (along with your pod)… unlike citadels, which are considered expendable unless maybe it’s a keep, and therefore just given up to defend in the event the timer collides with other activities or was set outside the alliances primary timezone.

The MTU scoops the remains of player battleships when they once again get wrecked by NPCs that don’t even have a tackle mod, and stays in space for up to 31 days, unlike the ship wreck, which disappears after two hours. I.e. it allows afkbears to recover their remains after more then 2 hours.

Also, unlike their ratting ship’s wreck, a MTU can be combat probed, so the afk carebears don’t need to bookmark the location they got wrecked before warping away or self destructing.

Dropping an MTU can also be an invitation to other players to shoot at it and thereby becoming suspects, i.e. enabling content.

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why we are still talking about adding a new player FOB ? oO use a structure and you have your FOB ! you can dock, you can fit, you can clone jump / clone switch ! what do you want more as a FOB ? lets spawning some NPC´s fleets for you and kill your enemy without any PvP activity ?

FOB = Forward Operation Base = every structure you set up in hostile space where you want to go in !

if youre got wrecked by NPC´s then youre doing almost everything wrong …

lazyness … like i said before !

Yeah, that sounds kind of interesting. Something like the Rorq deployment mechanic. Once deployed, the pilot could jump in another ship and leave, and then come back later, pack it up, and take it away.

I doubt CCP will be going the way of tying up a skilled character for the purposes of flying a specific ship. With the introduction of citadels, they went the opposite way in that regard, allowing supers to dock, so pilots could get out and fly other things.

Yet titans are pretty much on their own accounts as they can’t be docked anywhere other then a keep, and the changes in compression crab (industrial core) mechanics resulted in mining command ships now basically being deployables that use up an omega subscription.

Anchoring a citdadel in a hostile SOV null takes almost a week, and sends the operating alliance an ingame notification that their space is being breached.

Using NPCs to do the dirty work is legimate content.

You’re kicked from your alliance if you AWOX a dark blue crab, but no evidence to kick you can be provided by the crab if you merely push the diamond NPCs on the crab and it gets slaughtered by the response fleet.
Likewise, you can’t do anything about the other corp of your alliance having a refinery on “your” R64 moon, but you can drag drifter battleships on the refinery and have them remove it, then anchor your own one there.

more likely, you weren’t doing anything at all, because you assumed your Praxis’ drones would finish the site if you alt-tab, mute the client and watch netflix for an hour or two…

then use a pos if you dont want to wait the 7 days…
still no need for another station type …

no its not … it just showed that you cant do it ! and player agression against players, we all call it PvP EXCLUDES NPC´s !

lazy gameplay of someone who want everything but cant anything !

the same lazy gameplay that shows only your incompetenz …

if youre tabed out and mutet the client then whos fault is this ? xD its 100% yours and nobody elses … 3rd answer that showed your massive lack of understanding and your lazynes !

That is a personal choice though isn’t it. I suspect it would be the same for your fob super. Especially if there are active abilities for the fob to make use of.

In other words, people would have reasons to stay in the ship, even if they could leave.

Something between a Mobile Depot and Structure actually isn’t a bad idea.

Agreed. Probably multiple somethings that focus on different things.

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Small base like deployables that mimic the functionality of the POS are brought up every so often and, I think, CCP had acknowledged they intended to provide something in this vein. At the time, I believe it was targeted at nomads and daytrippers who would venture out, set up a base, do whatever, and then take it down when they were finished and go home the same day, or in short order at least. A thing you can’t do with Citadel anchor and unanchor times being as long as they are.

I can’t recall the voice of a daytripper being raised for some time, though, so I’m guessing they’ve either evolved to use other things, like the Orca, or gone extinct waiting for CCP to implement something that duplicates the POS’s utility that they wanted or needed. It’s not an issue I followed closely or personally had reasons to care about, so I wouldn’t consider myself all that knowledgeable on how things shook out with respect to that flavor of the EVE population.

I think it’s a thing CCP acknowledged, but has not deemed enough of a priority to actually develop.

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to be honest i like this concept as a capsuleer deployed space based barracks for warclones, but the reality is that warclones will need to battle and brawl inside of ships mainly capitals including titans as they’ll be needed to protect capsuleer assets as a form of internal security force. there will probably be a need for large numbers of ships to protect the structure, which will be the job of capsuleers.

why … what gap is this supposed structure to fill?

then setup a small POS and you have your structure oO how small should this structure be that its between a mobile depot and a real structure ? Oo

so that we then have s a spam of save space from thousends and thentousends of players and you cant do anything because they are sitting in their small safe space and just waiting ?

thats just stupid … structures have a timer that exactly this can prevent ! dont spam structures to hide for a hour and then you can go on …

if you like this concept … why do you want more stuff implementet ? its already existting oO called POS !

Something that would allow a limited number of ships (and ship sizes) to dock. Think of it like a “light” structure without the same obscene setup/operating costs.

but then we have the problem ive written above :

still a mobile depot has a timer so this “gap structure” also would have a timer … but you want it to install in a few min and want to be safe inside it ? no … thats completly against eve online

i could accpt a "mobile depot with more cargo and maybe a shiphold that you can switch 2-3 ships ( maybe max BC size ) but NEVER EVER you should dock at such structure and be safe !

couldn’t disagree more.

POSes are so much better than Upwell Structures for solo/smallscale use. They are set up quickly, extremly nasty to raze down if fitted properly, offer most basic services a forward operation or smallscale operation in hostile space needs, are inexpensive, offer no guaranteed loot for the attacker. They can also be used for a basic production/research business in highsec that can be taken down in case of a wardec before the war becomes active.

POSes are basically the only useful structures for smaller groups that they can actually defend against all those blobbers that can easily shoot down any Astra, Raitaru or Athanor out of pure boredom or just for grabbing the core without even needing a capable fleet.

I did say something between a mobile depot and a structure. And it wouldn’t be “safe” and could be destroyed. Thinking along the lines of “structure light”. A lot more ISK than a mobile depot but less than the cheapest (current) structure.

why ? if you can dock youre nobody can destroy your ship ! this is the meaning is safe !

everything can be destroyed … but you want a (light) structure between mobile depot and an citadell … but this means you have a timer ! the citadell has a timer and still a mobile depot has a timer … CCP cant add something between which doesnt have a timer ! the shitstorm will be real …

lets say its exactly the middle of a mobile depot ( 2m ) and an astrahus ( 941m ) … then it will be around 400-450m ! thats nothing that you can safe your ship in space !

i had written an alternate what i could imagin and could ill a gap if you wanna find a gap …

like a little stationary bowhead

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