Titan/black ops bridge update idea discussion

Howdy strangers .

I would like to start a discussion on a potential change to bridge mechanics and would like see what likely effect this would have on gameplay.

So the basic idea is when a titan bridges a countdown begins ( how long can be discussed of course) of 20-30 seconds , during this timer subcaps can be bridged as normal . Once the timer finishes the titan then jumps to the same cyno beacon automatically . To keep it simple the titan has to jump to the location of any bridge that is activated by that titan.

The same deal for Black ops although I feel the countdown should be a lot shorter since blackop fleets are a lot smaller than most Hotdrops .

Now the reason for the change . I think it would create a little more risk to the game and titans over all . If you drop someone then you better be prepared to put that titans ass on the line.

Now to be clear , I don’t hate titans or titan pilots or take the Grrrrr goons position. I just had an idea in my head and wonder how this would change Null warfare. Please discuss

Feels like a lot of the subcap fights I get into are because of titan bridges. This wouldn’t impact being dropped by capital as they have jump drives… only sub caps that would be bridging.

If all non-covops drops mean capital battles (because you are going to bring caps of other kinds if your titan is going to be going along)… feels like it would hurt sub-cap fights in null.

I think it would just encourage less movement, more risk aversity and more blobs rather than a good mix.

But hey, at least your titan can go from delve to fade in about 20minutes right? :wink:

Just means that instead of your titan bridge resulting in 100-300 battleships to the cyno, it now results in 100-300 battleships and the entire super fleet.

Titan bridges are about to be a LOT less essential to move around in Null when player-owned gates become a thing, but just the same, they’re quite essential for moving around in battleships. Last time I flew a battleship home after a fight I wanted to kill myself. Might have had something to do with the dictors that waterboarded us for 20-some odd jumps. Lost count of how many times I said “please GOD let there be a bombing wave on this next gate”.

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