Titan bridging

Titan bridging is one of the worst mechanics in EVE and dumbest ideas ever conceived.

Not only does this ridiculous mechanic stop fights from happening, it fortifies local defenses to a level where by default you either meet or beat them. The value of scouts checking gates for response fleets or camps evapourates. The mental mudpool of having some super bricked tanked cruiser or battlecruiser baiting for their friends in a massive T3D blob to drop. The gnosis for the titan bridge.

Cynos should be changed to prevent titan cannon and become ONLY for moving caps around, as originally intended. The ship which lights the cyno should suffer a penalty too, like 75% cap minimum to light and it costs 66% of total cap to fire. Parity between mechanics should be established. Stupid “gotcha” tricks like titan bridges damage the game and reduce the variety of engagements people can have. They moot the value of bubbles to slow down subcap fleets. They moot the value of cyno jammers both localised and sov type. They moot the value of scouts. They moot the value of neuts, ECM and damps. NOTHING can stop someone from titan bridging on you if you they want to do so and you didn’t have the foresight of Nostradamus to drop a cynojammer worth 100mil on every gate to stop a 1.4mil cyno from firing.

And with all of these strengths and the reputation afforded to titans of them being steel coffins its no wonder why bridging exists. It removes a lot of thinking on behalf of the bridging team. If there’s any change that the devs should implement for EVE it should be removing this defective idea from the genepool of EVE and forcing players to actually fly their ships again.


Insta travel has always been a dumb idea, in any MMO.

I think part of the problem is that they’ve made capitals much more of a natural progression like the next bigger ships up - when I played many years ago a Titan was a significant investment that only a tiny subset of players were mindful of doing - I’ve seen videos recently of people dropping Titan fleets that would have outnumbered the big sub-capital fleets back then by a significant margin. (For instance take the first Komodo kill videos).

EDIT: Splitting out combat and utility/support capital functionality was probably something they should have kept in mind when redoing capitals post 2014 or whenever it was and keeping the features like bridging far less accessible while satisfying those who wanted bigger ships with the new lower barrier to the combat variants.

*Tritanium coffins

c’mon now

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Youve inspired me.

Capital ships shouldnt be allowed to jump or use gates. Ever. Period.

Whatever system you make them in, they are stuck there. Forever.

CCP should allow us 24 hours repreive, to move our ships. And then, the switch gets turned off. No more capital movement. You want a capital in a system, they must be built there.

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The list of dumbest ideas implemented is long!
Looking the login numbers and talking to other players makes it pretty clear to me!
Wondering myself, is that they dont know how to fix the game or they want to kill it…

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