Galaxy Mix up: Passifying Titans

  • Remove all Weapons from Titans (Turret etc)
  • Remove all dooms days (Except single target DD)
  • Remove Cost from Single Target DD Titan Weapon
  • Set Cool Down of Single Target DD To 5 minutes
  • Give Titans Super Command Buff Modules Effectively turning them into a support ship
    • This modules should do something very unique like cause aoe damage to be done at fleet members locations.
  • Enable Docking In Titans (like Stations) and basic station options (Refitting, Cloning)
  • Remove Smart Bombs from being able to be fitted from titans (the tactic built around this is broken)
  • Give titans the ability to create wormholes up to 4 hours in duration, and Only allowing Freighter Access / use @ 30 Light Years Distance.

All terrible ideas.

Not even a reason why we need to “passify[sic]” Titans.

You obviously dont know about the simi-recent push goons did in the north, where they got blobbed by 1000 smart bombing titans and lost 600 people instantly.

Might as well bring about 1-shot old school aoe dds if thats the case

So you had 8 points ill respond to them in order

  • No
  • Also No
  • How about explaining that one, fitting cost? ISK Cost? Activation Cost?
  • Eh
  • So spatial phenomina Generators? Part II?
  • Portable Jita Undock Games? Brought to a Null Sec near you? No thanks hard pass
  • How about you just make it so smartbombs dont detonate the equivalent of 40kms off a titan (exaggerated) rather than outright saying no you cant have these, pipebombs have always been a thing.
  • More Null Sec Superhighways feat: Wormholes? Really?

Specify why. You invalidate your position if you cannot.

Activation costs

I really am desperate to create identity to capital ships. I think its so immensely important right now to do this. The way i invision this taking place is as follows.

titans fill a role of respawn and persistent pressure on a station hit, playing a super capital form of command ship, that offers respawn options.

Mother ships and carriers are playing a role of protective support, mainly they excell at killing other fighters, and other carriers/super carriers. they should be significantly weaker then they are now.

Dreads are the primary tank and damage dealers to the stations. and i feel that if they fall or lose the “threat” of the station they carriers/supers should cave to the damage output of the station.

Id even advocate that the stations can have multiple gunners in it, each controlling 8 weapons.

This gives station defenders some sort of targeted direction with the battle either trying to break the tank, or move to popping support damage. This create massive play/counter play and gives definitive roles to each type of ship

this is a clipping issue, and its a bit technical to have with players.

Yes, because people want it, and ccp (and i) think it needs to increase. We have not been able o come up with a way to make null markets as strong as high sec, so the next best thing is increased transport/logistics.

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