Crazy. Replace titan jump portal with conduit jump

This will make titan portals less OP. (and probably doom titans at all), but it seems like a correct thing to do. Wanna drop on enemys head, take some risk )

Usually carriers and caps should carry ships in their bay, but since eve can’t do that, conduit jump seems like a logical choice.

you know, I am to an extent for this idea, i have posted about a titan’s capability all be it briefly in the past

if we consider a titan a vessel which acts in the game as an equivilent of an air craft carrier in real life, we can sculpt further improvements to this type of ship.

its been a while since i read up on them but aircraft carriers are intended to be able to apply force multipliers to distanct battlefields or warzones, they do this by remaining out of harms way to the best of their abilities and launching fighter pilots.

due to the nature of EVE these fighter pilots are just capsuleers in a doctrine.

my suggestion for the jump portal aspect of the titan is that players who jump through to the cyno should experience some kind of exotic particles caused by the jump portal, the point of focus here would be on the portal aspect rather than the jump or cyno part.

the nature of these exotic particles grants you a short window before you are automatically pulled back to the titan.

perhaps these exotic particles could effect the ship in some way.

this type of mentality when you bring into account shutting down things like stargates and such would be very highly useful and could further prevent TIDI

I’ve also suggested an idea for a “Filament Cyno” where you use a filament to light a cyno and those in your fleet can use a filament to jump straight to this point, this would naturally exclude freighters, haulers, DST’s and capitals, leaving basically sub cap ships.

I can’t express the number of time’s i’ve been out doing my thing and enjoying the game in highsec when a CTA has been pinged out, having the ability to change ship, join fleet and filament to my FC would be a huge bonus, moving one ship at a time in this way is still ultimately no match for Frieghters and Jump Frieghters and such things.

I hope what i’ve said here gives you some food for thought yto help flesh out your idea some more.

in concept definately +1

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