Star Jump / Jump Star

so i was just listening to the EVE song “Wrecking Machine” and in the Lyrics they mention “jumping from star to star” and in my mind i went “actually we don’t, however this would be cool…”

so I’d like to propose either a module or a ship, which would allow people to jump to stars within the game.

I was thinking how it would be cool if the ship (assuming we call it Jump Star) is a large ship, which can jump itself and its local grid (100km within certain exceptions) to a specific star type, considering there are different star types in the game, I thought this would be cool, instead of shelling out for a titan to bridge people to a cyno, you could, if you piloted one of these puppies simply jump yourself and the whole fleet to a new star system entirely

I would imagine it have to cost a small fortune, HOWEVER the ship itself would have to have some kind of reduction to jump fuel cost.

alternatively if this was a module, perhaps it could be slapped onto capital ships.
when combined with the Tactical Capsuleer Recloner, whole fleet could jump between systems and if battle commences they’d be able to respawn on grid and keep the party going.

in a way I like the idea of it simply being a new ship because then it wouldn’t make cynos obsolete, but I like the idea of it being a module which could be fitted to certain ships, allowing players a greater way to embrace the game

alternatively perhaps one of the ship attachments which were announced a while ago but haven’t been rolled out yet.

not sure how best this idea would apply, figured throw it out there, see what happens.

This is the second post I am responding to with you as the OP.

Sorry if it seems targeted.

As per your post, you are in INIT. Jump Portals, Jump Generators, Cyno Jumps and other short form jump (50-100KM) already exist in the game. These are all things INIT fleets already make use off. Hell I use a network of blackops to jump me from one side of the map to another in my Legion.

Doing pretty much exactly what you mention now. Black OPS blobs is a thing. What you are suggestion seems a more targeting form of the magic Traces people use to teleport themselves without cost to specific areas.

What do you mean by “if battle commences they’d be able to respawn on grid and keep the party going”? The word respawn has a very negative connotation in relation to EVE and its build/destruction economy.

I get the feeling everything I have seen you post is in some form… I want an easy button? I get it… I need to run more than one account or rely on others to move me from one place to another. But that is why alliances and bridge/portal/jump networks exists right?

Ahoy @Brisc_Rubal - come chat with your campadre about power projection or some such…

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I just thought it would be cool if a ship had the ability to independently jump from one location to a star of a certain type and move the whole fleet with them, sure, as it stands you can light a cyno, use a titan to bridge and yeet a ship across the map. but part of my idea for this was to help people take a bit more interest in the aspects of the EVE Universe, perhaps someone will take an interest in the star types, perhaps this knowledge becomes not only useable but profitable in some way

my thought about making it jump to a star was inspired by the tradition in EVE Online of having fights at the sun as well as the song wrecking machine, by giving it an ability to do it independently without a cyno and basically make it so that certain stars basically work as cynos. opposed to the concept of a titan which could bridge THEN jump if it wanted to, this would basically just jump everyone in an area, like one of those other assets you mentioned in game (I forget what its called) but just on an epic scale, something like that would have to be limited in some way though.

I could even see these ships requiring time to fuel up by collecting solar particles, so they’d have to jump and refuel and jump again. (jumping from star to star!)

I can actually envision a collection and spool up system, the more players with you, the longer it takes to spool or at least the more cycles.

perhaps this could lead to something cool like “solar aggression” where the more you harvest from a star the more serious system weather effects would be.

I just thought this would be an interesting and cool idea for players to do and experience, perhaps it would help give support to the things we see in the videos of capitals out in space and support fleets around it, in my humble opinion something which we should really see more of in game, not just an ability to go out and do stuff like this, but more of an actual purpose behind it meaning other than crabbing for 100m isk ticks having a capital can give you a pretty good purpose, what that is, i do not know though.

how it would be balanced with other jump tech is unknown to me, but with new ship casting technology maybe cynos will become a thing of the past, maybe they won’t, I don’t know what the future will hold, but moving as a group through space, either in a cap or as part of sub cap all flying in formation around a capital would be a pretty sweet thing.

A 50 - 300 player gang blasting the ever loving crap out of each other, something EVE is known for and now what is seen in the trailers is now something you can experience and be part of in the game.

because when I think of fleets based off the companies advertising and what drew me into the game I don’t think about floating around a POS or keepstar to be yeeted by a titan bridge, considering that titans are meant to be flying weapons of mass destruction and even within EVE Valkyrie a titan on grid means you get the hell out and yet they all sit docked or tethered all nice and safe with no real risk to them unless you’re running diamond sites to DD things like dreads.

fleets flying through space, in formation, i think a capital ship or at least giving capital ships the ability to jump whole fleets from their current location to fixed points like stars would simply be pretty awesome.

its about making it more interesting and expanding on things which already exist.

explo pilots being able to discover things and create a trigged site, would be interesting, doesn’t make it easy to run when the suggestion within itself requires multiple pilots to finish the site, but it makes explo pilots and the information they gather from smaller sites a lucrative and desirable feature.

exploring the concept of restoration within salvage, would be a pretty neat idea.
jumping whole fleets from a new class of starship or upgrading them with new modules or inertabilities to jump to stars as well as cynos, could be an interesting thing to explore and more immersive.

again with deepfake / facial mapping, doesn’t make anything really any easier, just a cool idea.

developing aura for an in game discount alexa which could give you information about the empires, lore and politics. not really making anything easier again.

all just gives things a little more immersion and depth to the game, i am not upset or offended or anything but what you have said, so please understand that i only clarify my points here.

in my mind unless you have to open discord/mumble/TS for something, when you log into the game you should be able to focus on it and what you can do to work with/help the people around you becomes a more predominant maybe even essential factor, adding the idea of not only what you do, but how you do it and ultimately the way you do it, creates a more immersive and more open experience of it, keeping true to the trailer of “the butterfly effect” of both immersion and unscripted.

to me this would make it a much more critical factor, instead of spinning your ship and quitting because you’re board, or sitting on a keepstar for nothing to happen, outside of harvesting resources and roaming, you now have expanded your ways of interacting with the game especially in your areas of chosen content which then in turn can add and contribute to other players more directly. aka expanding salvage for restoration capabilities of wrecks and explo players getting player triggered sites after some serious work.

regarding mechanics, instead of just focusing on how each individual playstyle interacts with the game environment and then depending almost purely on a social aspect for players to work together, finding areas of overlap would be more critical, akin in a way to how people ask “does anyone have maximum refining” perhaps “does anyone have any cool sites to trigger” or “can someone restore my JF”

and regarding immersion, how EVE is currently set up is great to an extent of how it works, as it covers very well the aspects of, business, production, combat, logistics, but lacks heavily on the immersion which is where I think it goes wrong, to some extent sure you don’t need to understand how things in the world around you work, the technology, the history, the politics and how they have shaped the galaxy to the way it is now, but I think it would be better if they were more present.

in Bartle’s taxonomy players are broken down into 4 categories
one of them is explorers which basically like to learn about that stuff, as fans of science fiction we’d be lying to ourselves if on some level we didn’t stop and ask “how does this tech work?” “how do those aliens do that thing” etc etc I fundamentally think that this is a big reason as to why we see a huge drop off of players, that and the skill training que times, depending on attributes (which most new players don’t know they have) training the magic 14 can (as an omega) take 60-70 something days (if you train them all to 5)

gee that’s really fun for the new player who just spent something like $20 for 30 days game time, then realising that they’ll needs all these skills because it’ll effect every ship you fly, sure you could buy implants but you have to know they’re their first, as well as make the ISK which as a new player is going to be pretty difficult with basically no skills.

what might help keep the players in game is not so much the enduring NPE or the obvious necessity to grind so you can buy the cool looking ships, but perhaps is a system where you can slowly learn about the game and go “oh, that’s cool” and stir your mind with curiosity, giving you information but making you curious to ask more and more questions where eventually you find yourself talking with players who do know about this stuff and if that’s not your jam then fair enough.

players come to try something new
get drawn in by the lore or politics
stay for the players and awesome fights

I’m not really a star trek fan but I’ve seen some episodes, but i can name all the races and tell you about the nuteral zone between the federation and the romulans, or how the borg can’t assimilate species 8572

I can tell you about how the cyclons broke the armistice and infiltrated the human civilisations and basically annihilated the human race and chased them around the universe like they were a pack of blood thirsty wolverines.

but with EVE you have to get the culture, the culture is not the lore, a culture is built around socialisation and traditions and I’m all for the culture and the jokes and the songs and the bad movies on youtube, (which are pure cheese, but worth a watch) or the fan fests and eve vegas events, but you have to get to a certain point first in your understanding of the game. but an understanding doesn’t by default breed appreciation of the things happening to you especially if you don’t know why they’re happening.

how many players leave the game because they get ganked? probably a fair few at least historically speaking at least, but is it really just the fact they got ganked? or does the fact they don’t comprehend why it just happened create a compounding factor in player psychology.

similar to merchandise. if you like for example the Iron Man series and you also like collectables, you’re more likely to buy an Iron Man Collectable, because the two factors in your psyche will over lap and create a stronger than either aspect compounding effect, and the more you overlap, the more you compound the more likely it is you will follow along.

getting ganked sucks, but its happened to most of us, but when you compound the feeling of loss of not knowing why and the realisation that you worked hard for a nice ship and it got pulled out from under you and we start to understand how immersion and experience aspect of game play, can quickly create a negative compounding effect.

so building immersion and appreciation for the lore and giving players a greater understanding more about the things going on in the game regardless of if you’re new or a vet and interesting new ways to interact with the content you enjoy which effects (in some positive way) other play style demographics i strongly believe is the way forward.

every star trek fan can tell you something about the ship from the series of preference, such as replicators, warp cores or spore drives, however, how many EVE Players can tell you about how the PEG’s which make up essential aspects of capsuleer technology or how much energy they generate? probably a small handful.

Alright first, why does it matter what corp, allaince, or coalition he is in? That shouldn’t matter, he seems to just be putting ideas out there that come to mind. He is trying to give EVE some new things, or use already existing mechanics to further the play of the game.

I am actually someone who would like to see a ship where you can respawn at instead of spawning all the way at your home station, where it may be super far away and you just can’t get there fast enough or the systems that are on the way are camped by the enemy. I know I am gonna get “but jump clones” what if you already used it?

On an exiting note no idea is a bad one, even if it comes from your worst enemy.

I am not sure why you chose to tag the INIT CSM but you have clearly been targeting this person and you need to stop that. It is literal harassment and cyberbullying. So, unless you have something that can actually be contributed to the conversation, you need to just keep your childish comments and acts to yourself. You also need to go and read the main forum rules again and I am gonna help you so you don’t have to bother yourself: Be kind to your fellow members (which you are clearly not being), Does your reply improve the conversation? (Nope and each one hasn’t), and constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ides, not people. (You have been targeting HIM and not the IDEA, don’t even try to defend it.)

So, unless there is something you have to say that is actually useful in this IDEA then you just to need to learn something that has proven to work. It’s called minding your own business.

Oh, I believe you.

Targeting? Because I’ve commented on only a few of the flood of posts they’ve been making recently? Get a grip.

Lol - your posts really give that finger-wagging scold vibe. wtg

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Again, not contributing to the post. Shame.

Vat are you saying?

Super… Super… hmm…interesting choice of words…

Am I contributing to your approval?

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I have something useful to say to his IDEA: It is terrible. I don’t even remotely care about his corp, alliance or bloc, but what I care for is to stop inventing ever more insta-travel-teleport mechanics that make distances in this huge universe completely meaningless. If it was up to me, power projection of any kind should be nerfed hard, so people go back to classic roaming, clever baiting and carefully escalating instead of “cyno up, jump jump jump spread tackle and burn these noobs!!!”. EVE was a much better game when almost nobody had Caps, Supers or BlackOps available for everyday use.

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well they have made these things more difficult to produce now, so they’ll be less common over time as the game progresses. which means we’ll be getting a lot more of that old school roaming combat focus as time goes on, but I still think it would be nice to see fleets out in the game roaming, the FC in a capital of some kind with a formation around them, which other than for cosmetic appearance would server an actual function for some reason. fleet formations were show in trailers for years, then one day we actually got them.

however I find it interesting how a roaming fleet with capital (will refer to them as C-Fleets from here on) could still get caught by the kind of fleets you prefer playing, so I get you don’t care about the corp, alliance aspects of the game, but it would give you possibility of further good random content unless this is too much of a challenge for your small gang preference. as someone who roams you must of had some fleets where you’ve gone for a roam and found little to no content? just because a larger group can now jump to stars after spooling up a bit.

I still think it should be a case of the longer you spool, the more ships come with you, just seems to make sense to me.

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