A little advise on extending EVE world

I’m an EVE player and still playing. I think it’s not a good idea to submit a ticket, so I write this email. I’m feeling EVE is ‘webbed and scrambled’, and not much new things were being brought out. I think it’s time to re-think about extend the world of EVE, not just use the name and create another different new game. Picking back up dust 514 program should be good on PC, partly link it into the SOV and PI system, that would be great fun. As a 4-year EVE player, I did love FPS game at the same time. But unfortunately, I didn’t own a PS3, so I really hope to play 514 on PC, which is linked with EVE. So how to solve the SOV problem on planets while conquering the space in the same system, I think just don’t solve it and leave it.

For example, if B alliance conquered the system, it owns the transportation route in space, but the planets can still belong to A alliance. B can choose attack planets or NOT to do it. If B wants them, just deploy members to conquer like 514 does; if doesn’t want, just leave it alone and just unable to use the resources on planet.

The idea came out when I was watching a Japanese Anime called ‘Crest of the Stars’ and ‘Banner of the Stars’. Wiki links below:

Admittedly, Star Citizens is beating EVE, because it provides full experience of living and travelling through space, from universe to the ground. I think the ground part is what EVE missing. Hope this email will bring you some ideas about developing the universe of EVE.

Thank you again for creating this great game.

Fly safe,

So you’d like to compare EVE to a game that isn’t even in its earliest stages of Alpha releases, and you’d like to bring back a bunch of projects that CCP shut down? I can’t see anything ranging in the way of this.


Crest and Banner are great shows, but I believe CCP is on record saying that the FPS they’re (slowly) working on is not, and probably will not be, integrated into EVE the same way that 514 was.

Star Citizen is a closed box MMO like all the others. it’s not an open world, full loot PvP sandbox and it never will be, because the carebears would cry blood and tears if that happened.

Therefore your statement is invalid.


Star Citizen is beautiful Garbage. Chris has a vision but we are 100% certain it will never come to pass. The bugs in Alphas are way to immense. The project is not scale-able by any means. Look at the work it is taking to make 2 mission givers. The ships are wonderful but lame all the same. It will never have a market like New Eden, it will never be as vast either. Just because SC offers first person people are saying its an EVE Killer… then you really don’t know what Eve really is… and I’m a noob here. I flew to Daymar in 3.0… landed about 20 times due to bugs. Exited my ship and seek nothing…

The mockery of SC is incredible, the followers who are just giving CIG all the time and money… it is laughable. No Mans Sky is far better then SC, and once Hello Games gets MMO corrected (they are close FYI) it will be quite interesting. Sure is lacks the realism, but so does SC.

I really hope i’m wrong about CIG and there plans, investors will stop since the 3.0 is a bust. I know I’m not wrong about EVE though, it is the most First Person ideal we will ever find… the interaction between real mind and in game ideals is awesome. Our ships are large, our hearts are invested, our time is forever #NewEden


Is star citizen even in beta yet? How can it be beating EvE if it’s still being developed / tested as gamers continue to throw absurd amounts of money at it?

lol star citizen beats eve online over all in the immersible make me feel like im in space thing… alpha or not.

for years players have been paying month to month PER ACCOUNT and now you can play eve for free… CCP just ■■■■ all over the dedicated players when have been at it for almost a ■■■■■■■ decade.

nothing lasts forever. but EVE is a great experience. Not saying it isnt… but with everyones EXPECTATIONS for something new to keep them drawn into some GAME is rather unrealistic imho.

If any reason why Eve is dying, CCP development is the reason why. at least in my opinion. EVE seems like a game that is ever changing and will never have its rules and mechanics truly known or set in stone… unlike MOST games out there.

CCP is milking us all for money and profit like ANY OTHER BUSINESS … what can you really expect?

SC shouldnt even be compared imho… its like comparing a Bentley to a Lincoln. Eve had its chance to be ALL IMMERSIVE but CCP chose to not go that route. I remember this happening as CCP changed it goals, fired a bunch of people who had that original vision, and they changed it. and then they changed it again. and then again… again… and now we are at it again. Eve is dying so we need to make changes to lure more people in… if they chose to stick with the orignal vision I could see EVE being the top MMO space sim… but sorry. It wasnt our decision. we tried to hold on to that dream but money speaks louder. and thing with that is trends come and go. so money up and now down. the cycle repeats.

SC is far better of a space sim experience anyway because space is not all about pissing in one cereal and blowing up a space ship, or finding a way to SCAM SOMEONE… After my subs run out for the year Im done with Eve. I will play alpha and sell all my ■■■■ Ive spent thousands of dollars over the years, and I havent nothing to show for it EXCEPT that experience… EVEN CCP SAYS anything you have in EVE, your character, assets, everything, its not yours… you do now OWN them. you basically rent it. CCP is the biggest ■■■■■■■ goon of them all if you ask me. Its a self inflicted wound driven by greed and control. It was great while it lasted but everyone in EVE seems to be one of those assholes that loves to ■■■■ on people and steal and lie and corrupt… which is exactly i why EVE has already been on the decline and SC allows a new opportunity to seize that immersible space experience.

If ccp stopped the monthly rental, or limited the alpha back to Cruisers , I could see EVE surviving against the competition. loyal players will stick with Eve and still play SC … but people like me who value investment… who get none in return, wont hold on to that asset. its a loss… and its been years coming. Ive seen it coming a while ago. ITs been very frustrating because I actually love EVE ONLINE.

Its because of WHO IS THE DEVELOPER… and HIS HISTORY AND REPUTATION IN COMPUTER GAME DESIGN> Im sorry but I dont recall CCP existing in the 80’s, 90’s so on… SC has more experience and has a larger vision… which I was hoping EVE would take on, and it started to, with walking in stations, the idea of having a ship bridge… being able to associate avatars, etc… as fas as im concerned eve is a game where your character is not the avatar but your ship actually is the avatar.

Your name is quite ironic.


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You cant be that dumb…

XI. Virtual Goods

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No Ownership Rights in Account.





You think CCP is scamming players yet RSI has taken in (last I heard) over 140 million dollars without having a product…people have paid thousands in real money to RSI for internet spaceships they can’t fly - that don’t even exist yet - and you think CCP is scamming people? …ok…

Personally I feel like any money and time I’ve put into EvE has been well worth it. I got what I’ve paid for…entertainment. I don’t see it as an investment I have “nothing to show for”. Is that not the case for many hobbies and not really the point of a hobby? I see the time I have enjoyed this hobby / game to be the payoff for investment.

I bought the SC basic package years ago when RSI was starting the money sponge, and if they ever actually release it I’ll check it out. I stopped following SC developement long ago after years of “it’s just around the corner, almost there!”

I don’t see how it is possible to declare SC as “beating” and “better than” EvE when SC doesn’t even exist as a complete playable game yet.

…but anyway,if the EvE servers shut down tomorrow, it has had a great - incredibly long for a video game -run.

Really it doesn’t seem like you even like EvE.

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I only want to say, EVE needs new things. The star citizens provide a bigger life in the universe, like walking on the ground, fighting in the station. One can do much more than only flying around in the space. I mean CCP should extend the experience of living in the universe, not only in the space. At this point, I think star citizen DOES beat EVE, only on the idea.

People tend to forget eve is also on the macro scale compared to those games. With eve, you arent a single person piloting your ship and managing everything for it- you have an actual crew. With markets, you move more isk than planetary governments possessed at the height of their prosperity.

That is very wrong. EVE used to be much better with far less.

What you call EVE is what I am calling BOT-CAPITAL-Online for (flower remark here) life forms with much complexes.

Walking in stations? I just say Captain’s Quarters. Tried that, didn’t take hold, was scrapped.

Ground part? I just say DUST514. May have been a fad for a time, but now, whenever infantry numbers are shown in chat and FW, they are zero. Developers didn’t have time to remove the last vestiges of a closed game.

Immersion? CCP axed a good part of its VR dev team.

Need I say more?

It needs to be an actual game first


its funny how everyone forgets the reputation of RSI dev… vs CCP… lmao … sorry but that is NOT EVEN A COMPARRISON… WH started teh whole space gaming sim thing anyway? oh yea… need i ■■■■■■■ say more?

EVE has turned into a video game. IT USED TO a sim… now its like any other pay to play VIDEO GAME … maybe you dont see what I have seen thus cant feel the way I feel about it. I love EVE ONLINE SO MUCH you dont even know!!! lol

and my name, obviously one so shallow cannot see past the obvious… lmao

not my problem if you CANNOT understand beyond what is in front of your face.

perception… people vary based on life experiences.

TO BECOME FUSED … for the ■■■■■■■ idiots out there that need directions to assemble things like a dresser or chair.

Star Citizen? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. That game MIGHT come out of Alpha in 20 more years…

thats my point… ITS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT… where as EVE was released in alpha in 2003… yet IS NOT A FINISHED PRODUCT WAS NO WHERE NEAR FINISHED>>> lol

besides, didnt CCP say they werent considering adding new space? more systems? new whs systems? a new map? a new universe?

that said it seems rather restrictive.