2 Suggestions to create "EVE 2" Inside EVE - both offering a fresh start / new game feeling

Here are 2 suggestions for creating a EVE Online 2 inside of EVE.


Use the Triglavian Lore and create a storyline to which capsoleers can get cloned into their space but with a mind wipe. This will be a fresh character which gets transferred over to a new area of space which only last for a set period of time (1 Year or so). Create a goal, or objective to which if players achieve can destroy that space and send everyone back. Have some limit run blue print Items / Modules / ships that are unique to which the group of players who achieve objective get to use on TQ.

Create this has a temporary season excursion shard and can rotate thru to different factions of the game, going into the past and or future. Tons of options / tons of room to explore new game mechanics / features in test phases also…


This is a big idea / suggestion for a whole new game inside of EVE based around planet activities.

I think the biggest untapped real estate EVE has is planets, here is a suggestion to use that as new game opportunities.

Take everything that was DUST 514 and put it into EVE based on how “Perpetuum Online” was…

So instead of PO Mech’s / Robots, its Dust 514 suits …

Replicate everything that was feature sets of perpetuum/dust 514.

Create dynamic generating planet worlds of ALL the EVE Online Planets full of resources, creatures, npcs, pirates …this has to also include EVE PI installations. So you can go on the planet and attack players PI Installations.

Create some custom planets based around the lore of the empires and pirate factions, use the player base to help build up these planets / ideas / buildings etc.

This is the overall idea, alot of details are left out but the base is here to work out of …

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Hate this on many levels but here are just three:

  1. I dont care about planets, im playing a space based game and i dont want my gaming affected by some nonsense on some planet.

  2. There is no need for this addition. Either get good and conquer some nullsec space or stop asking for some space that will immediately be dominated by the same groups you think you can get away from in your new ‘space’.

  3. Eve is practically empty, you do know that right???

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Instead of copying SWTOR why not just play SWTOR?

You’d love it, the space ships don’t do anything but there are planets to explore just like WoW.

-1 EVE is spaceships.

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