New Content Directions for eve

  • Mega Structures. Things like Dyson spheres, Shipyards, Production Arrays, Trade hubs (That can allow for cross-region trading with the “regional trading” skill). etc. They can provide insanely high bonus’s for specific things, but alliances are limited in the amount of them they can build (maybe even just 1)

  • More things with planets, including neat things like terraforming, or just growing population on it. It might be more interesting to push pi in the direction of causing players to have to build cities, which in return employ and produce goods. This will help push the need for more pi interaction, helping make it more of a focus game play concept (more full time). You may even look into actual direct isk generation. Make a colony, and then grow its population for “taxes” as a “governor”. It might be even better if you can some how directly link planets together.

Bonus: Create a graphical animation of small lights to demonstrate shuttles of the population of the planet to represent population / activity on the planet.

Stellaris does this also here is an example (You can see the shuttle lights on the left side/dark side of the planet).

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At least try and reference the right game when you post a picture, seriously.
You are such a liar and fraud.


I’m so glad CCP doesn’t listen to anything you say.

You mean alliances can build any amount they like, placing the extra structures into holding alliances just like people do with highsec stations.

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Eve already has more than enough content but a lot of it is old and stale - I believe CCP should spend a year or two renovating (or replacing) existing systems rather than simply adding more stuff.

They also need to take a serious look at incentives - why do players make choices that lead to stagnation? Small changes to incentives can result in large changes in behavior!

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Cant even come up with an original idea, you have to take from other games.

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I actually think this is a good idea!

All of these have been suggested before or are already in game. Quit being lazy, if possible.

We should be allowed to build Dyson spheres in highsec, protected by CONCORD, and they will produce gases and refined materials at a sufficient level to allow you to PLEX your account with minimal AFK effort.

inb4 OP claims he was part of the dev team(s) of the game(s) he is referencing in his OP :rofl:

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Interacting with a player populated alliance is more engaging.

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