EvE Online 2

Assuming CCP starts and develops an EvE sequel, would you play it? I mean Civilisation 1 to 6 is pretty much the same thing and it still sells copies.

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Don’t forget Freeciv on the open source side.

I wonder if I can get that working on my Raspberry Pi 3B?

if there was an EVE 2 it wouldnt be the EVE we have come to know and love. it would be triglavians, and ESS mechanics and the crap that the current team espouses. The richness that was EVE has been funneled into a limited design that flip flops with every update. the trust would not be there to sustain an EVE2

Well, the natural cycle of video games involve a sequel, right?

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Absolutely not. The natural cycle of a MARKETING team is to pinch off a sequel in the toilet bowl of media.

There is no natural cycle for a video game, it doesn’t inherently call for a sequel- Marketing idiots and ignorant shareholders who don’t care about anything but money are the ones who kick and scream for a sequel.

Walking In Stations required.

VR first person required

Solo role as a first class citizen required.

More mini-games required.

More customisation and personalisation required.

Also, no to Python.

Eve Online II might involve the push of exploration forces from Earth to the Wormhole before it collapsed. I’m certain that story line would involve pirate clans ambushing straggling shipments or rogue factions not wanting people to leave Earth and enter the wormhole would make an exciting background and missions.

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Would consider giving it a try if:

  • No in-game items nor skillpoints or any equivalent thereof can be purchased directly for Terran credits (like current packs and bundles)
  • There is no possibility to convert Terran credits into in-game currency (like current trade of PLEX for ISK)

Why not if it is brought to life by true believers adherent to proper values and principles.

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Think Eve is on its Third major graphics engine now? so if you want to see it from that point of view we are on EVE 3. Cant wait for EVE 4 on unreal 5.

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