When will there be Eve Online 2

I had to ask but isn’t it time for a second version I bet lots of people would agree it’d be an epic success perhaps suggestions on new game features?

It has already been and gone.

But if you’re meaning a Clean Slate restart? No.


It isn’t really “lots of people”. EVE caters to a niche market and most of that market has dried up and moved on over the years as CCP have made mistake after mistake. There’s no way they’d have enough people to justify a completely fresh development.


EVE client in a browser soon™

I think we are on EvE 13 atm?


After they finish EVE 1.

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When? *soon

lots of people would not know what they are talking about


Well somebody at CCP believes that the future is not the PC. They tried consoles with Dust 514, VR with Valkyrie and mobile devices with Echoes. IMO Valkyrie is kind of cool. I could see a full version of EvE in VR potentially being a thing some day. The other two, not so much. They’re also apparently working on a browser-based version of EvE.

But, for regular EvE, on the PC, what does it matter, really, if they call it an update to EvE 1, or EvE 2? They’ve certainly implemented major changes to the game as expansions/updates.

There will be no EvE 2.
because Eve is dying.

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When CCP initially created EVE they expected to run it a few years and then make an EVE 2, because that was the way games evolved back then. They soon discovered that this would be a serious mistake as online games are more than just the software, they form communities, it has actual history. A separate new version would harm that severely, split or even destroy the community.

So they understood that instead of an EVE 2, the game could just be iteratively expanded on, maybe forever.

So no, there will never be an EVE 2.


Looking at the company history:

CCP found they had good thing going with Eve. But then:
2006+ White Wolf partnership: Failed
2011: Exansion fail, “restructuring” (firing people)
2014 San Fran studio shut down
2017 Atlanta and Newcastle studios shut down
2018 Bought by the Korean publisher of BDO

This does make me optimistic about their future, or an Eve II.

Looking at the games:
2003: Eve Online, still moderately successful despite huge design problems (such as allowing scams and griefing against which no defense is possible)
2009: Dust 514: Failed (shut down 2011)
2006: World of Darkness cancelled.
2006? Some collectible Eve card game failed miserably
2015 Project Legion cancelled.
2016: Eve Valkyrie, Gunjack, Sparc, Gunjack 2: VR experiments (only the VR market is tiny, so they probably cost a lot more to make than CCP earned.)
2020: Project Nova cancelled, and they’ve announced a shooter (the shooter market is extremely competitive - the top games are well established, and it will be hard to impossible for them to gain a large audience.)

So basically, Eve’s success financed a series of failed projects; would you invest in a company with this track record?

So no, there will never be an Eve 2.

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