EVE Echoes?

Any further information ever come out about that EVE Echoes mobile game? I’ve been trying to look up a release date or if ty a dead project but can’t find anything. I’d be down to try it out, if it’s not a complete piece of crap I might play it.

knowing CCP it hsd a 50% chance to be canceled before release, 50% chance to get canceled after completion


Iv been looking for some information about the game too, but seems like there only the announcement video and that’s it…

I bet CCP is working on the new game called: EVE Offline and for bonus we all get “Timers Expansion“


i will whisper echos to your ear

I wonder if it has been scrapped after seeing what a bust it’s been for Blizzard?

I have been hunting this as well…

the gameplay looks good.

the difference is, they announced a mobile game to a PC audience. instead of announcing D4 along with DI

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I would argue that Eve Online players would also be a target PC audience as well overall.

Would the mobile players be in the same universe as the PC Players? Or would they be two separate games?

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Yes, such a huge mistake, none of us use phones and if we do we prefer:

You know how we are resistant to change!


:smile:, good one!

Would love to see more information about this game. So excited for it!

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Not sure what ther eis to be excited for, its a cut down client and a completely different instance of the server, nothing carries over and you’ll basically be starting again with a more limited client :stuck_out_tongue:

From what was mentioned at vegas 2018, the echo’s have is an alternate timeline/dimension. I.E. in no way connected to main eve. Carolines star fractured the space time continuum and a new reality was formed, thats EVE Echos.

I’m fine with that, if it mean i can mine while at work to kill time i’m happy.

Most likley will be a f2p game though.

Well EVE already has a free to play model :stuck_out_tongue:

But even if you’re mining, what exactly are you going to do with what you mined, like i said, its an entirely different server, and it slikely not going to be a successful game going by CCP’s track record, so you won’t really have much to do with those minerals

shrugs sometimes i just like to mine.

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Honestly, I’m starting to think, this game might be cancelled in silence…

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it might be, we will see

It is nothing more than an echo of earlier failed attempts.