CCP is planning a beta of EVE on mobile in some regions

Its not on the forum yet, but its on the CCP games website.

Which is a good time to point CCP to this reaction on Blizzard announcing Diablo on Mobile.

CCP shows yet again it learned nothing from the foray into previous mobile titles, MMO engines and VR.

CCP, stop spending the EVE money outside of EVE. Fix the game you have, not the game you wish you had.


I’m just going to sit here for a couple hours with jaw drop



They arent. They havent developed it.


Doesn’t mean they didn’t pay for it. Doesn’t mean it didn’t take time or effort away from EVE.

Thats exactly what it means.

The people putting it out paid for the EvE name.

CCP are already in profit from this.


CCP already had money, what they lack is something money can’t buy.

Why is this being released to what must be the weakest TZ’s ? NA/EU should have the right to beta test EVE 2.0 too.

Yeah the point you raised was why waste money. They arent spending.

And what exactly cant money buy?


It was announced quite long ago. In launcher or at one of invasion tour. But CCP was saying about moving to mobile also for a long time. Can’t understand surprise.

Yeah, that’s why PA paid such a hefty price to acquire CCP - they were really buying CCP’s established permissions to access the potentially lucrative Chinese gaming market. Pearl Abyss could make a lot of money tapping into the Chinese smartphone gaming geyser.

This is the beginning of that project and is not unexpected.

The whole paradigm of EvE as a business has changed whether any of us like it or not. PA is calling the shots now. PAccp is not dependent on the current EvE playerbase to keep EvE going long-term and cover CCP’s payroll and stock health.

All of us currently playing EvE could quit, and it won’t prevent PA from possibly making a boatload of Yuan on what is admittedly a fairly clever business gamble. The situation is not similar to diablo immortal.

Personally my plan has not changed since shortly after the buyout of ccp by PA was announced - I plan to keep enjoying eve on pc until the server hamsters are re-homed by the RSPCA. Whether that will be sooner than I had hoped or many years in the future, it’s been a fun ride with hopefully much more to come.

But let’s not be under any delusion that we the playerbase control the fate of EvE anymore. That has changed.


That’s quite a start, CCP are bad for developing Mobile game and spending EVE money.

Now you change, to CCP wasted time, money and effort (from EVE)

Now you change to complaining that CCP didn’t need money they earnt from this and that they lack something money can’t buy (whatever the hell that means)

AND complaining that you are unable to be part of the Beta test. :rofl:


Which is funny as its currently asking for Alpha Testers

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i have loved every game CCP have worked on.

the VR stuff was ground breaking

Valkery is to this day one of the best Space battle SIMS so much so that the concept has been copied across to other IPS
Dust 514 was a great console FPS and the first to introduce A symmetrical game play through orbital bombardments within Eveonline on a separate platform.

The gun jack games were great little games to.

CCP has made plenty of mistakes and 99% of those existed in the Game we all play.

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I, for one, am excited. What’s so bad about this?


What’s wrong with this? Nothing…, in fact this being successful will likely keep the PC version alive, stop being so damn negative, seriously…


Id love to play EvE at work, so Im hoping to be in the test group for location redacted

Good gods will you luddites stop with the “quit spending money on new stuff” whines? You do realize that CCP has exactly ONE product to sell (and a very mature, very niche one at that) and that unless they develop new products and attempt to enter new markets, thus gaining new customers, they will slowly die?

CCP is a company in business to make money not your personal game development house.


Not that my opinion matters, but IF I had the power to decide - or influence - their future, I’d bet on EvE 2.0 as a viable product. Make a new engine: give it WiS with its station rooms, bars, third-person action; give it an actual space flight model with orbital periods, gravity and the like; make space ships “drift” from speed vector correction and stuff; give it a modern and functional UI that doesn’t feel like spreadsheets in space.

I personally hate mobile games. From the comments above, it seems like a great market to invest in, but it’s not my cup of tea.

Yeah, let’s blow millions re-writing EVE Online from scratch on an entirely new engine just to appeal to the small base of ~30,000 players with random stuff that none of us want like “gravity” or “ship drift”.

Sounds like a great way to lose both the current players by adding things we never wanted in the first place, and also not appeal to any new player because it’ll just be yet another mediocre space sim.


Really, says who?

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I am really, really glad you don’t have a say at all.