CCP starts "new and highly ambitious MMORPG" // EVE 2 coming?

The ones of you who frequent Reddit will have seen it already, links below.

Now the interesting part is at the bottom of the Requirements for the Lead Designer. They are asking for experience with the UE4 engine and on top of that there is no mention of anything that should run on mobile devices.

Is EVE II getting real? Are my wishes being heard? How do I get on board? :smiley:

CCP please, if this in any way EVE-related, pick a small target group of players and let them help you with their different experiences, visions and view from inside and outside the box.

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I would have laughed at you for saying this 3+ years ago… But given CCP’s track record for semi-recent bad business decisions, Eve whale milking, and Eve’s steady 5+ year decline… You may not be wrong.

That or they just want to piss away a few more million dollars on some side project they will abandon halfway through anyway.


That fits the track record a lot better doesn’t it. :psyccp:


Yeah well the first guess is in case they learned the lesson and decided to make something profitable. But your right, CCP simply can’t learn from their own mistakes it seems.

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I mean, CCP needs to diversify in order to survive long term, but yet another MMORPG?

I would imagine they are “getting real” about the Dust 514 successor. They’ve been quietly experimenting for a while now. They’ve been taking “focus group” player feedback at previous player conventions, while showing off works in progress. CCP would want to take everything they learned from Dust (what worked, what didn’t) and build a better multiplayer FPS.

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They will copy Blizz and make “EVE Classic”. :psyccp:

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It is time for Eve 2 tbh.


It is the smart thing to do. EVE, despite being permanently hyped by fanbois on the Forums, who btw fail to see that critique is mostly done in order to show paths to a better future, is limited in how fast and how much it can change. Realizing new visions inside the current framework takes years and due to its specific mechanics EVE can be much easy fun for the old player, while feeling too hard and too limited for the newer. A fresh start for visions and to get more people interested sounds like a good plan, if the details work out.

as long as I can port my character over, I don’t need the gear and isk to go over, im all for eve 2.

but yeah if its anything but eve, they’ll probably quit like dust as they said “programming is hard”


They aren’t going to kill off EVE by developing another MMO in the same niche. That would be just plain stupid. Hilmar is ridiculously greedy, but I don’t think he’s stupid.

And also, the UE4 wouldn’t be able to support a game the likes of EVE. CCPs in-house engine, CARBON, would be a much superior choice for that in every regard.

I’m guessing this is soon™-to-be-canceled Project Legion.


Its not Nova, as there are two separate openings for Nova for community managers and a brand manager, both of which are in Iceland, which is where they moved nova development. Unless they are doing something crazy, like EVE2 which combines eve space game play, with wis and nova… then it could be anything. The fact they are looking for a community manager says nova is getting closer. They did that a few months before they announced valks release. We will see though.

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This layoff and closure could of been because they are shifting money into something else.

TBH, CCP should focus more on eve related stuff. There are tons of games ideas they can do, and other things, besides making improvements.


well its not like they couldn’t use the pre-existing community staff for anything…ooohhhh too soon?




Ccps game track record is Eve, followed by failure after complete failure followed by more failure.

Wow. Are they serious?

After Dust?
After VR?
After that mobile game thing?

Wait… they are serious lol.




Actually the mobile game was rather fun for what it was, i tried it during vegas. Was not bad, if it makes them money then good.

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If it’s another Dust, I hope it’s on PC. No idea why it wasn’t in the first place, it would have easily been integrated into EVE that way.

If it’s EVE 2, well I would be excited but I doubt it will have the same sandbox feel as EVE one, and frankly I don’t see how they could vastly improve on the current concept outside of maybe a more modular approach to ships but that would be hell to balance. I don’t want to see EVE go the Star Citizen direction cause I doubt it will work.

If it’s a mobile MMO, well I don’t play that cash grab ■■■■■■■■ so I doubt I’ll care much.

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Well, they did try to innovate though no where in the right directions.

Dust was made for console, it should have been a regular PC game with a lot more and intricate ties to Eve, would have been greatly more successful.

Valkyrie, as well. If they made it a PC game right off the bat instead of VR and strongly tied it to Eve, at least PVE side (for example, instead of spending countless hours ratting in High Sec, a player could do that from within Valkyrie and then receive rewards in Eve), this sort of stuff would have made it far more sucessful.

Etc. etc. In general, I feel VR is just no where near where it needs to be technologically. I tried out my cousins Oculus and a friends HTC and neither was up to my specs. Both were uncomfortable to wear/use for long periods of time, gave me headaches, etc. And I am not alone in this, there are a ton of people like me and many switch back to plain PC gaming and go back to their monitors with their VR sets sitting on the side gathering dust. When these issues get resolved, which may be about a decade or so, and VR becomes mainstream instead of gaming on a monitor, or is at least at 50/50 and climbing, THEN develop and launch VR titles.

If they want to get serious, they need to add to the eve universe, tie it in in various ways and make it a plain, but modern PC game with full 4k support, UI element scaling, particles and various settings, etc. etc. before they jump into VR.

At the same time they have to do something or they will die out. Eve is a sinking ship. Its got a lot of time before it sinks completely, (I mean even EQ1 is still running and profitable but is it still a good game in comparison with what is now on the market ?), but in its current state of ever increasing power creep in various forms (cap and citadel spam, financial/isk, skill/trainign time, etc.), most of which is plainly visible in null sec, and the widening gap between new / vet players due to this powercreep.

Every time CCP does something to help out new players, they offset it by increasing the top end of powercreep thus the players get turned off from the game as there is no hope of ever catching up, or if there is, its so expensive or time consuming its vastly unnatainable.

So this way or that way, they have to launch some new products. If it is an Eve 2.0 type product, I would hope it becomes more modernized from teh ground up and operates on different principles then this game. It will also have to compete with the likes of Star Citizen and by that time Elite Dangerous 3 (as those devs are pretty fast).

They might as well try and go out swinging instead of just going down. If it fails, it fails, at least they gave it a shot. But hopefully it will work.


it happened to darkfall too… so yeah, developers can be this stupid

I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the way CCP is planning. With EVE being a double-edged sword, both stable and stagnant, it might make sense to re-think it in a no holds barred kind of way. Direct changes to EVE always face huge resistance of the current playerbase, especially the longterm section of it. A game should be easy to advertise by players to other players and EVE is not really that at the moment. Apart from very few, very valuable guys, like Bjorn Bee, there is no positive spirit emanating from EVE.

So what exactly is the problem with that? Given that CCP developed EVE, which once was a spectecular innovation, I wouldn’t count a few failed investments too hard. I’m actually happy CCP doesn’t listen too much to the overly salty players who want to see CCP fail. I don’t. I put out a lot of critique on how EVE currently works, but actually in order to motivate change. CCP has their own plans and I can only hope that they will find the right spot this time. They deserve it. And if they think they need someone highly experienced for that job, all the better.

There are many ways you could improve the current concept, or more specifically, the way concept and reality meet, mediated by mechanics. As a concept EVE is a mud-pit sandbox multiplayer online game, which is hard and unforgiving, encourages players to interact and to innovate in order to rise, just until another players move will be their downfall again. The reality is very different from that. While I can think of a large amount of ways to improve the mechanics, why stop there? Why over and over renovate a house full of unthankful, ill-behaved guests, if you have the option to build a new house, with a new concept, in the hope to get nicer guests?


Exactly. This might be something that needs to be approached if there ever is an EVE 2.

Again, I’m with you on this one. Better try than giving up. I hope they make it. Go CCP :slight_smile:

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