CCP Stop me from throwing Money at DU, give us WIS!

I like EVE, but we all need MORE: Maybe work with Novaquark so we can build CITIES instead of DOTS on Planets in Eve :wink: Eve seems to be just treading water now :thinking:


Give up. WiS is dead and buried.


Unfortunately from all that I can tell, the simultaneous advent of the Ambulation Project with the forcing of a resource-heavy Captain’s Quarters on everyone as well as the introduction of microtransactions with hints at a possible pay-to-win future meant that CCP chose to throw the baby out with the bathwater, and even though it could have been an amazing feature I would bet CCP would rather EVE die out slowly than risk introducing a controversial feature (especially one that was already attempted and botched) that could even cause the tiniest possibility of the Jita Riots 2.0.

Maybe that’s too cynical but for some reason in every official document I’ve found CCP has blamed walking around, rather than the threat of pay-to-win microtransactions, as the thing everyone hated about Incarna. And it’s baffling but seems like a death knell for the very concept, no matter how good it could have been.


Oh my. That does look tempting.

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EvE 2 - ISK Boogaloo


Eve, you could’ve been SOOOOO much more, and you give me ABYSS-MAL??? :disappointed_relieved:

Is it actually a game now or still a tech demo?

DU is doing a LOT better than Star Citizen, and they are VERY Noble; the Most you can give them is 180 Euro as a Kickstart, not $27,000 SC is offering for Ships for a game that won’t be out for Years!


Master Windu, I know you agree with me. Be honest.

yeah, but is it actually a game or just a tech demo?

Oh hell no. Walking in Stations only got me thrown out of a window in a different universe. Why the heck would anyone advocate that here …

Serious though, it’s just not a good idea. If CCP had built it from the ground up, integrated in its foundations, this would be a different discussion. As it is, EVE stands on top of a decade worth of functioning as an emergent dynamic (prior to F2P). Every part of its design follows behavioural functions disconnected from what is known as primary perspectives (me, my image, my perception). In other words, EVE works because people are not identifiable or identifying as people, but a) as something else and b) the difference between that chosen destiny ball of pixels and the human behind is what drives the emotional investment in compensating for A.

Torfi never got this. No matter how many times it was explained to him. Or maybe he just didn’t want to hear it. Which, as it may be, is more likely, as there was something awesome other than the by then mundane.

That doesn’t mean CCP could not in theory connect a game experience based on human identity and identification within a shared universe with the existing EVE dynamic. But it would have to be niche specific, allowing for overlap would risk undermining many of the functional requirements of EVE, especially now that it is no longer an emergent dynamic in this age of F2P.

Unfortunately, CCP’s record with initiatives other than EVE is less than optimal, in comparison to EVE as a product, beyond fiscal and financial games from other projects.

That doesn’t mean it is impossible, but it does introduce further dependancies. Meanwhile it’s from IPO to IPO, oldies leave, founders get older and start thinking of retirement. Maybe that creates a push to something new and extra, more likely it won’t.

Here is a thought though. Considering the established track record with the concept, its implementation and its development / business issues, engaging on any such project or venture would start with an incredible disadvantage. Granted, a lot of that would be perception problems, but these too are still things any such project would have to demonstrate being able to overcome from the get-go. What are the odds of this?

And sure, Dual Universe exists. It is not, however, around the corner. And yes, in many ways DU has the potential to be the most serious competitor ever to EVE in its original format of an emergent dynamic (so not the F2P state. But that is a potential competitor, bear in mind the core focus is slightly different even if it is a raw sandbox. Also keep in mind that it is in alpha state. And while NQ is picking up talent, including former CCP talent, left right and center, the industry itself doesn’t have a good record of such ventures pulling through. Maybe they can do it, maybe they can’t. For EVE it doesn’t matter anyhow as the commercial model of operations is no longer the same. The triggers for each respective sandbox are now vastly different.

There are the Financial Considerations for sure, that’s why CCP has to DREAM BIG, its treading water right now, and as a Vet, I grind plenty of Plex as an Alpha right now, and I actually WANT to remain Alpha collecting Plex for the future, I just wish CCP could Inspire me to throw money at them, seriously I do :anguished:

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Actually, i thought it would be kinda cool if we couldve been able to storm other peoples hangars and steal their stuff from inside the station. Maybe walking in a station, walk up to someones quarters, and steal their items and ships.

Then you could also set up traps or downright shoot someone in the face. Like if there was a station trader that was annoying you, all you had to do was go into their quarters, stun them, tie them down, and they wouldnt be able to trade until they were freed.

Yes that was planned 9 years ago, and look at Eve now :roll_eyes: Ain’t much different to 2003, Really


EVE management look now more like a bunch of janitors than big dreamers. :disappointed:


I don’t think they had the hundreds of millions of kick starter dollarydoos to fund their dream, nor a shiny brand new game engine license to bring it to life with like Chris Roberts will in 2027.

At least CCP took a chance on a grand attempt to unite all of those game aspects together into one universe, on the same shard at the same time.

How many games can say their grasp extended past their reach that far?

It is worth it even in failure to try and accomplish such a thing. Most MMO’s and most games never take such a dangerous, yet magnificent risk.

The game and the engine is really old. I am not sure how much longer it will be here. 2003 and still here.

I have a feeling it would have been incredible if they could have pulled it off.

Perhaps they will update the game engine at some point in the future and enhance the physics and graphics?
A new EvE gate starting over in a new universe…

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??? how Chris Roberts come to this thread ???

we are talking about Jean-Christophe Baillie and Hrafnkell Oskarsson here

Hmmm well… The perfect universe can still exist.

The one in which Eve is your space, Dust is your P.I. and Valkyrie is manned Titan bombers

I believe CCP cannot currently bring it all together yet, but when they do (and they will) No other game universe will be like it.

The problem is that the individual pieces do not seem to shine well as individual parts (yet). But WiS being a mobile app that manages all the different components of Eve makes a lot of sense right now, but can they do it without taking a risk or making investors angry? That is the real question.

If they wait long enough someone will eat their lunch (like fortnite expanding while keeping crossplay/ or what if overwatch and hearthstone were the first pieces of tech for the next Warcraft) If they try to do this too soon then the technology costs loads of dev time and players riot over incarna 2.0

Nice said, but unfortunately ccp standing in place and other going futher if ccp continue to stay in one place soon it will be impossible to reach their competitors.


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