If CCP cucked Chris Roberts

And took star citizen’s audience by making some of the same promised features in EVE online, first/third person, planetside exploration, cities…

Would choices made planetside be able to have the same impact on the universe as they might in space?

Could CCP do that, and should they?


What a terrible clown post to start your posting career. They’re entirely different games for different types of players. It’s like asking “Tetris, what would CCP make out of it”.


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What a dumb comparison.


Read this…then come back…try again…


History of the Captain’s Quarters (and WIS in general) suggests the EVE game engine isn’t capable of the same features that the vapourware is trying to achieve.

The attempt recently of CCP to build a separate FPS game after removing Dust, also shows they aren’t really up to it.

WOD, unfortunately only adds to that.

Seems either CCP, the game engine or both just don’t have the right amount of pssshhhhhhh.


Well, if CCP actually had the technical ability both in programming and in hardware to implement that content in Eve, I would say yes to a limited degree.

I believe the original idea behind DUST514 was to have ground forces either destroy or take control of PI bases, thus weakening the industrial capability of a Corp / Alliance.

Course CCP dropped the ball with DUST514 and basically canned working on any type of first/third person Avatar based content in Eve.

However now that CCP is owned by Pearl Abyss, who knows what the future holds.


You fell from the cradle, didn’t you?


It really shows how much Chris Roberts has bamboozled the average non-tech individual into thinking that every game engine is like a plug-n-play device. Just “code a new part” and it’ll work flawlessly with the rest of the engine.


Amount of replies and what is written in them already speaks for itself.

There is never better place to post about Star Citizen and WIS than on EVE forums. :yum:

If CCP wouldnt brake few things while expanding world of EVE and if they would do only 2 projects instead of 3 (including one on PS3), then history would look differently. Now there is rather bleak future for any WIS update in EVE.


I don’t see any reason for EVE to have space legs. It’s a spaceship game about blowing up spaceships. The current trend towards games being all-encompassing virtual experiences is, I believe, hurting the industry as a whole. You get 10 people in a room and you’ll get 12 different expectations as to what the game should be. Then it’s just a jumbled incoherent mess. The best games are the ones that stick to a narrow story narrative and have a singular focus with a side of open gameplay to explore.


Titan Pilot is slowly moving forward into a small gap in his fleet. FC starts screaming: “Stop that Titan!”…

Titan Pilot keeps moving into the gap and screams “Tetris”… -> Fleet is deleted…


CCP doesn’t have the game design or technical development resources to make those kind of changes anymore. They can barely implement a chat system and have essentially given up on making significant changes to the game.

If they tried to develop Star Citizen features they would fail. Why bother, when Star Citizen is already failing at that?

CCP needs to focus on the key features of what makes EVE interesting, and develop those. Their problem isn’t EVE is the wrong approach… it’s that they stopped making EVE a long time ago and instead starting making a “Subbing for dollars!” game.

If you make a good game, the dollars will come. If you make a game to vacuum up dollars, you just end up with a game that sucks.


I play GTA Online beside EVE Online and like it. For me that WIS could be like bringing GTA model into space.

WiS would have been an addition, not a replacement play style. As such it would not have been a problem at all IF it would have been done properly and not at the expense of core development.


That’s the thing. Eve was built on a game engine that was originally meant for a naval submarine game. Why do you think the ships handle like actual boats? Complete with listing to the side during turns. WiS was a proof of concept. Sure CCP sold it as some sort of new gameplay feature but hey, they want their money too. So there was no “doing it properly” unless the entire core of the game engine was redesigned.

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That’s not what happened. CCP had been working on WoD for a few years now and had pretty much stopped investing time, money and DEV effort in to EVE. They had been using all of EVE’s revenue and DEV time to work on WoD. An unhealthy move unless they considered EVE to be a dead end (which is kinda was with legacy spaghetti code and them lacking any actual devs with actual experience).

What you know as WiS (previously called Ambulation, back when they still had a dream of making it an EVE expansion) was nothing more than an alpha for WoD’s character stuff, it wasn’t intended to add any actual gameplay to EVE itself.

THAT is why it only had one room with zero actual useful gameplay content and that is why they let it rot and killed it off. They never had the intention of making it for EVE in the first place.

Incarnage wasn’t an outrage over the introduction of WiS. It was about the years long neglect in terms of EVE development (spent on WoD), CCP Zinfandel’s $1000 jeans, Hilmar’s Fearless memo AND WiS because it was terrible.

Had WiS actually been good and added gameplay, ie was meant for EVE, then we’d have loved it. Had WoD succeeded CCP would have ran EVE out with a skeleton crew, the failure of WoD forced them to refocus on EVE which lead to the Seagul era.

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I just wonder if WiS had become an actual part of the game, if there would be ganks in the restrooms.


Only if you hadn’t fit bulkheads to your pants.



But I think the core of the topic is that, when games try to be everything, they fail at all. There are areas that have to be compromised to expand others, and in the end it just becomes mediocre at best, a total garbage fire at worst.

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