CCP Cancels WIS and then Tease It... 👀

For years CCP hyped WIS only to trash the whole idea. Why would they tease it in the latest Pulse Release?


Not only latest, also, it was not simply trashed, but postponed until a more meaningful interaction could be put behind it.


What does that even mean?

Literally no one wants WiS.




I can safely say I wanted it… but I also wanted DUST to be integrated into EVE as a single game and imagined WIS being tied to this even if it was a seperate lobby/swap over… or at the very MINIMUM a PC GAME


Literally everyone wants WiS.


Many do, me included. If done (decently) well it would add a lot of immersion, extra game play options and future expansion possibilities. Just because WiS was a terrible, incomplete and cynical addition (it was really just an alpha test bed for WoD) doesn’t mean the concept itself is flawed.


Let’s hope that if they go this route that PI will get some love…

Sadly - I feel not as for me, it seems EvE is going mobile and with that comes a whole “Lunch Break” of events…

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whats WiS?

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The first thing that new players would do is make a half-naked, morbidly obese toon with bunny ears. You forget which generation we are dealing with here…


Walking around

“Walking in Station”

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How was WiS teased in that video?

If stations had a cantina, bar, or common area, it would be flooded with hypernet spam, scams, and who knows what else 24/7…


You’re implying that 30 years ago we didn’t do that stuff, if we’d have the chance?


Those of us who were playing EVE while WIS was live remember that it wasn’t all that. You were limited to a single room. That was it. No interaction with other players…

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TBH - I’d love to see myself 12 years younger after all this time…

Just… NOT on the forum :slight_smile:

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What would WiS actually add to gameplay tho?

I’ve played almost every major and minor MMO. Believe me, I get why you wanna decorate your room and make it look all cool.

However, it would add next to nothing in terms of actual gameplay. Just more reasons for people to not be in space.

If you really wanna walk in stations in space, just pick up NMS. Wander to your heart’s content.

I don’t need more immersion. I need more content.


This. People playing Ken and Barbie in stations does not promote ship destruction, which is what EVE is all about…


To be Brutal… Try Star Citizen and then come back here…

Sad to say but EvE will become a mobile game without a lot of other stuff going on…

This Alpha thing…

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