The topic that WON'T die, Walking in stations! (a time capsule of sorts)

As it suggests, WIS is still not gonna die, they may have removed it from the game, but it was stated in the blog post that it was merely being shelved, not trashed. If we keep this topic alive, re-implementation will not go stale.

so, what would you guys like to see when they bring it back?

i might drop my own description of what i think it should be in the comments below, i advise everyone else who wants to see it return do the same, then when CCP is ready to pick it back up, they can simply just look here.

so be it technical stuff, visual stuff, whatever stuff that can be used to develop an “on paper” version of the platform, provide your suggestions.


i felt like asking this question in here but felt it didn’t fit in the OP, what CAD software does CCP use?

Just use Blender. Should be doable in Blender.

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I would like to see this topic die and WiS never come back so that devs have more time on parts of EVE that actually improve gameplay.


devs shelved it to make more time to do things they had planned to do, yes, but they did write the forum post in the language that they would come back to it, and after that they closed the other thread for the reason of taking out CQ, i thought making sure the thoughts for ideas and what it should look like should remain. they would call upon players for feedback if they planned on bringing it back, and as such why not have a head start?

we wouldn’t be wasting dev time unless we wanted wis and demanded it now, and there’s plenty that could be said that it can improve gameplay.

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They did post explicitly that they have no plans of working on WiS, it’s not on the roadmap, and they’re not going to add it. It sucks, but if we want a scifi game with avatars, we will have to swap to something else. I heard Elite:Dangerous will be adding it. If you believe Star Citizen will ever be a thing, they’ve already got content for avatars and the like.

But I’d be interested in it if they added it to EVE! I think all of the discussions on WiS over the years and the tonne of responses they get is pretty representative people want it, and want more of it than just the quarters.


invite eve friends (not that I have one) and watch twitch streams thogeter on screen on the cold metal bench.
anyway part joke aside it’s a good addition to immersion, neat additions would be a window view to outside to see the ships fly and by, screens which shows real time market trends, real time feed on screens of battles going on around new eden done by automated cams, orand ccp coverage and stuff, big kills live updates etc etc without forced corp adds ofcourse.

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As much as I would love to be proven wrong I really doubt that CCP will ever do avatars again. They’re too damned afraid of the rabid “I hate change/Eve isn’t harsh enough/back when I started everyone mined in frigs for months to be able to afford a BS” and “spreadsheets in space” crowd.


I’m content with leaving the topic alive when it continues talking in the past tense when it comes to WiS.

My guess is, they did shelve it. Ever seen the end of Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark? Yeah, shelved. Since 2011 or such.


It’s not coming back, OP.
They killed the last vestige of WiS and by doing so got rid of the last major embarrassing reminder of their epic incarna fail.
People seem to have forgotten that before ccp demonstrated they were not capable of doing both WiS and concurrent core EvE developement, pretty much everyone though WiS was a good idea.
It’s dead Jim.

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I try to understand why we can’t have avatars, other games have managed to do it. So why is CCP failing at it?, are they that scared of a small vocal crowd?. Seems very much like real Life politics…

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The biggest problem is their customers trying to play the game on their ZX Spectrums.

When walking in stations first came out, there were all sorts of pitch forks and torches marching at CCP because these “Gamers” systems were over heating trying to render the avatars.

That was just 1 Avatar. Open the door and suddenly 2 Avatars? Gees … where does it end in a game with 35k people? Imagine customers complaining their home town vanished in a H-Bomb style “Flash of light and Whooshing sound” if they walked into a room containing 3 Avatars!!!

And that’s why we are not going to see any more of this Avatar lark. The customers.

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It was not really about performance.

People got pissed off that CCP had for all intensive purposes stopped development of the Core game, then there were leaks of CCP internal Emails that pretty much said screw our customers for as much money as possible personified by the Monocle. Fears of PTW and the like.

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A dark room behind the door© with full of stars… with soft noises of *plop and *pfff and a background theme from a stanley kubrick movie :grin:

WIS is dead like the german diesel :rofl:

Why you all are crying on something that was not used? Or at least not working well.

I’d like to see the CQ back in some form, and for all the right reasons - it’s good game design. Call me one of the 3%, I suppose, but I used it. After hours of harrowing, nailed-to-the-wall war action, the CQ’s safe and total home space was the first place I turned. A place I could decompress, strategize, create new builds and changed existing ones, send a few mails, contemplate my next ship, yes, change clothes, and so on. I would feel, errmmm, human again. After all, our characters are the players - not our spaceships.

The study in contrast between the hot modality of ice cold space and the warm, welcoming modality of safe station makes for a good game. Spinning in station isn’t the same - that’s like parking in your garage and forgetting to get out of your car.


Most games that do have avatars do not have spaceships. I can easily identify with theat heap of metal flowing in the dark.

Maybe that is one of the reasons why its called niche game. :thinking:


Honestly, since this IS spreadsheets in space…

Maybe they should just remove the graphics altogether.

EvEMuD would be the best game ever.

  • More development time spent on game-play!
  • Bigger budget because you fired all the artists!
  • Take strategy to a new level!
  • No TD!
  • PI might actually improve!
  • The possibilities are endless!

–Gadget - still in Midgard


If I spend most of my time station sitting, then the loss of function within the station is impacting my game play.

I just don’t like that specific interface versus the other two that you are out of the ship.

Should be interesting to see how this change will impact sales of clothing, pants, shoes, etc