Time to carry forward some of the topics that never die! - Walking in Stations!

So just for continuity when are we going to finally see walking in stations? :smirk:


I haven’t read the post on the old forum. But I think there needs to be matching gameplay content for walking in stations. Otherwise the novelty will soon wear off. My suspicion is adding in-station gameplay content will take significant development time and resources, almost like rewriting a new game. Based on the current development status I doubt CCP is planning anything like that.

I’d prefer to be checking out “new pilots” who are newer than 13 Dec 2016. What’s up with that? - frozen in time . . .

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most not post…! resist!

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Let’s not go down this road again.

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We will get it when CCP realise there are no “new costumers” to speak of for the current “niche” that EVE is…

To grow the playerbase we need WiS, more so than we did in 2009.


I wish they’d expand on it.


these frequent topics should be compiled into a sticky list.


i has ideas for what to what to make it look like, where shall i shitpost them?

I want walking in my citadel!


They might add something when the new Project Legion FPS comes out. Maybe your character can transfer over. There is walking around in a hub world from what we’ve seen of it.



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I wrote a blog post on the topic several days ago.

Yes, it would be nice if we have some action involved in the Walking in Stations experience. And I do agree that if our devs implement something like this in Project Nova (the current working title for the FPS game) it would be super cool. And most of all - completely natural, since the FPS experience is Avatar Gameplay anyway. :rocket:

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What I like to see instead WiS are the new hangars they show us few years ago (was it few years already?).


One ofo the key points with Ambulation/Walking in stations/Incarna was to open a venue for different kinds ofo gameplay. CCP aimed at making “the ultimate sci fi simulation” based on what, at the very beginning, was intended to be “Elite with friends”. The development and release and evolution of the game moved in a different direction than “Elite with friends” but the concept of a sci fi game where players could live in different ways was there behind giving us human avatars.

I recommend to read the 2007 “War on impossilbe: Part 3” article, here:


That was the original vision for Ambulation in 2007, one that shifted midway to become Incarna and crashed and burned horribly after it.

The thing is, EVE still could use different players playing in different ways. But at this point that’s like saying that the patient could use a car to drive home if wasn’t that he’s dying from internal bleeding.

CCP and EVE took a wrong turn with Incarna, barely avoided a fatal crash and then took the road to nowhere that’s the Rubicon plan. The effort to develop Rubicon has been costing CCP other kinds of players not interested with the Rubicon premise, and at this point there’s nothing they can do to stop the leak. They simply don’t have enough people, time and money to keep enough players happy as to not lose their game.

Discussing WiS or Incarna is pointless. CCP bet the farm on Rubicon and lost. Now EVE is slowly going away with a meh. No drama, no explosions, no outcry. Just meh.


Thanks for the good read that you provided with that link @Indahmawar_Fazmarai!

It really shows how deep CCP has been going in terms of detail, when working and planning on that prototype. It is awesome.

One thing that attracted my attention is the part where people can command their fleets from the comfort of their rooms in a station. This idea can probably be brought to another discussion currerntly going on in this topic.

I guess the current focus of our devs is quite different present time, and it is mostly affected by player feedback - something that has been improving, especially in the past years.

I guess bringing more people to the game universe of EVE will be essential if we want the Avatar Gameplay/Ambulation project to have a green light again. I am still pretty optimistic about this. And I really hope that when Project Nova becomes a full game, there will be more players coming in, to fill the role of Clone Troopers.

I am pretty sure that when that happens, the playerbase will increase dramatically, and if they follow the same Alpha/Omega clone subscription mechanics, there will be a good income for CCP, which will mean that more devs will come in and then they can work on the Ambulation project.

I have been waiting for the Ambulation features for a very long time, maybe not as long as you have waited, but still I have bitter feelings and I am trying not to expect or demand to have these things ingame. Still - looking at Project Nova and knowing that our devs are committed to making it good, gives me hope.


What is interesting is watching the old fanfest videos, showing all the ideas they’ve had over time that went nowhere. So much time put into prototyping, and even getting rough versions up an running - and most have never materialised.

It would be great if CCP adopted an approach of going over the old features that have been worked on and polling players for what they would like to see in version+1.

Obviously they have their feature roadmaps - such as the current moon mining, POS phaseout etc. But maybe it is time to dust off the old ideas (and there were many), and look at reviving them, based on player input. Put up a poll, and ask “from this list, which feature do you want us to revive”. Hell, put it in the game as a notification (since not everyone visits the forums).


But we can do that ourselves now in the forum.

How you see expansion of avatar interaction in EVE Online?

  • add more social aspects
  • add more combat aspects
  • add more combat and social aspects
  • dont add anything
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Indeed… But a lot of players never visit the forums. And of course CCP need to take an active interest in reviving some of these ideas.

Agree. It should be something like GTA or cosmic GTA and filled with useful content connected to this game… a lot of dev work must be done…

I bet, most of you want to meet Space Prince :)!