Walking in Stations

I am one of the unlucky players who didn’t get the chance to walk in stations. I started playing Eve Online on August of this year 2020 and while creating my character spending like half an hour creating it, I got disappointed after seeing it was all just for a profile picture. My wish is that CCP take time to think about bringing this feature back.
I mean Elite Dangerous is doing it, Star Citizen is doing it, Eve is already a great game in so many aspects, imagine if the players could walk around stations and talk to there friends on ground, going around and shopping for food and cloths and ships and other good stuffs, i mean won’t that be a breath taking experience for Eve players? Imagine how fast the fan base would grow all the good that could come with it.
I know it is not an easy task but it is not impossible either especially for CCP with the support it gets from it’s players. Hopefully this is thought of and brought t life, thank you in advance.


CCP has always had a problem with their “vision” far outreaching their development skill or implementation. Time after time we have seen presentations or previews of “upcoming EVE features”, only to be later told that they were dropped or, even worse, we hear absolutely nothing ever again. They have great vision, but a very spotty track record on delivering the product. But, oh, if they could actually deliver on their vision, what a wonderful world It would be!:grinning:




plz stop evoking your tiny space sim and your SCAM forever beta pseudo game in the eve online forums
we play a respectable 15 years +++ space mmorpg and don’t like to be compared to crap ty


The feature had to go when some players took being a carebear too far, and started yiffing inside the captain’s quarters.

Funny, never took you for a furry
This old guy had to look up the meaning, so thanks for introducing me to a new word…(and a new world.:lying_face:)

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I’m not a furry, furries are disgusting.

I’m a weeaboo.


Consider yourself lucky in a way. You didn’t miss anything because CCP never took it any further than staring at you your ship.

If they can figure out how to mix wis (so I can punch somebody) and what’s left of the Dust idea into game, then they will really have something.


Too late. It’s Destiny Furrupted from now on.


I understand.


Do they also Nerf stuffs? :joy:

Crowd Control Production don’t want that. TIDI, Scarcity, Competition, Disconnections are already annoying.

Thank you, we try x

They took out walking in stations because like 5% of players used it (or something like that), and it took a lot of dev time to maintain it. So, it’s just not worth the effort.

Maybe things could have been different if it didn’t have such a crappy rollout, and CCP continued to polish and flesh out the idea.

You didn’t miss much.

I joined EVE right before it was removed, walked around a bit and it looked nice. Nothing else to do there, so I never went back like most other players.

If you want yo experience how it was, you can look at one of the videos showing the different stations. There was no interaction in WIS so it will be very similar to how we experienced it.

It was like your offiice. You could do some work like in office. Market, PI updates, Fftting maager, manufacturing, refining, world domination planning, conversations with frends, all while sitting on a couch.


WIS could have been such a cool addition to EVE, opening up so much potential for interactions and actions. Especially when CCP was on their VR hyperide it is beyond me why they did not push that further instead of their shooter crap.

That fact that CCP dumped WIS can be attributed to them being total failures as developers and not to the idea being wrong or lacking. But we have grown accustomed to these developer failures.

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Okay. This reminds me of …



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It’s 2020, every hobby gamedev can code a multiplayer walking simulator with chat function on a weekend.
Of course WiS should have some features that take some more time, but start with something and make it a little better every month and in one or two years we have a cool new in-game experience :slight_smile:


I want to sit in my corp office with wall hangings made of the finest Tash-Murkon silk discussing diplomatics over some serpentis drinks with an other CEO. Or operate a shady strip club in jita with princess Aiko being the star of the night :innocent:
And maybe taking part in social events could be rewarded with some skill points so it’s not a waste of time. include different "mini"games like spacepoker or mindclash into the WiS experience. There are endless possibilities :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
There are not that many other games that could pull this of with so much diverse cultures and players to interact with.