What WIS could look like , With Casinos, and Bars

Where we could gamble Isk, or ships at the poker tables, Slot Machines, Where your clothes could be admired, What a place to while away the hours, in between fleets. This is what eve could have had.


Ok OP how would this translate into actual game design that is realistic, feasible, and economical considering this is a live service game?

Stop living in a fantasy world OP. Come to reality. You can go sip your drinks at a RL bar. You can go gamble your ISK in an RL casino. WIS is gone. It will never come back. It offered nothing but redundant UI and extra costs CCP carried without bringing in any new revenue streams.

Had to pop your bubble dude.

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Walking in Stations still works for me?

Um, you may not be aware, but “what WiS could have looked like” is basically shown in the background of most Pulse videos.

The problem wasn’t coming up with ‘looks’ for it. It was that in a spaceship game, where all the action is in space, and players basically have no reason to interact in the flesh, there was no real point to it. It would just become a little-used dev timesink.

If EVE had integrated ground combat like some other space games, there’d be a reason to develop that section of code. But just “hey it would look cool!” doesn’t cut it. Reference Star Trek Online, ship interiors that “everyone wants” because “it would be so cool”… but nobody uses, and not many are willing to pay for.

It’s the same issue. STO has action that happens in space, and action that happens on ground, but nothing that happens aboard ship interiors. So other than the rare bored captain going to look around their ship, they never get used.

Ships opposed to chips, I like it!

That looks prettier than EVE. I’m game.

Check out Helldivers, the lobby, connected to the CQs and other activities. That’s what WIS could be, too.


The provider (aka CCP) has to put more(all) effort into actual gameplay design and the game than into a new skin that can be sold for real money…easy answer,easy solution…so back to a GAME DEVELOPEING COMPANY and not a SKIN PRODUCING FOR MICROTRANSACTION SELLS ONE…It’ s SO easy…

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Most people that oppose today and opposed WIS in the past did so because they don’t like to see changed what they know…so it’s more of a psychological problem old guys have…

Congratulations, you completely whiffed.

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Why not have Vanguard in stations with casinos, bars, strippers, etc.?


Shooting players who are just trying to gamble in peace? That would be griefing.

Honestly I was a little disappointed when they removed walking around in stations. I was really hoping they would expand on it

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One of the main Problems eve has , is keeping its players involved, and this is even harder for old (2003) players like me. I have all the ships i want, I have everything i need in eve, I have isk to burn, I want to spend that isk and have fun, not just keep amassing it, (Its Boring).
I Love Spending time in the eve universe, But i need a reason to do so. If im not in a fleet and I want to just chill in a safe enviroment, I have 2 choices playing the market, or Hyperlink (Not worth the gamble.)
Anything that helps keep me involved in this universe im all for.
The casino wars had one great lesson, People love to gamble there eve isk, Its fun and exiting and it is a great isk sink for CCP ,It makes players log on and if they lose there isk then they go out and try to make more, which in turn is content for others, Its a win win.
I have no idea why this has not been implemented. As for the FPS CCP seems so intent on investing in, Its pointless because it has no real effect whatsoever on the Eve universe. All i know , Nobody i Know wants to play eve FPS, there a ton of games out there that are so much better. and CCP will never get a foot hold in this genre.

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Block quote, I’ve forgotten what you said?
I think I wanted to say that if things are added it’s normally totally fine provided it doesn’t negatively affect those that currently exist in the game. i.e. new features are fine provided they don’t screw up surrent mechanics.

I’m just right and you do not like it,that’s all :slight_smile:

WiS wouldn’t have screwed anything up.It would have been just an addition to the game.
It was rejected by some(loud) people for one and ONLY one reason : They did not want THEIR(imagined) game to change…AT ALL…


I have nothing to add or to change to my previous statement…

The CQ was severely resource heavy and devs had to take care of it over actual gameplay. Didnt really add much since there was no interaction with others

Casino map for vanguard confirmed?

Being able to bet on various forms of racing, battle bots, and frigate duels would be kind of interesting.

Yeah, that game engine was hot garbage compared to the others on the market. Granted, they wanted to do a much of fancy things that weren’t being done in the industry, but it wasn’t very performant.