Lukkett MyDabb's random semi-serious idea #2- buying star citizen

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Idk how the development of Star Citizen is doing, but last i checked the game is currently in a kind of limbo because a bank holds all the rights 'n stuff to the game. so, if this description doesn’t clear it up, i’m suggesting CCP does a buyout of the rights and properties of star citizen from that bank, because obviously the bank is gonna sell it. and here’s why to buy:


obviously this game is poised to make eve very sad and as such claiming the rights to your sole competitor would make you look like internet spaceship disney, and you would be loaded as such for not having competition and also gaining a bunch of people not familiar to eve but familiar to star citizen, because…

The new weapons at your disposal.

WIS was shelved because the old stuff assembling it wasn’t playing nice with eve’s new stuff, not to mention re-implementing it now would require tons of art and programming work, which could maybe be cut in half maybe more if you had some pre-assembled, recent stuff to work with, getting it stitched to the game would require some work, but a LOT of work could be cut out of the implementation process.

WIS wouldn’t be alone, since we could also see a ton of new ships and space stations made from the rest of the models available, just a little bit of re-texturing i reckon should do the trick (a lot simpler than making the model from scratch, at least on paper.)

Since the rights and licensing would be your own, the only real drawback is looking like a scumbag in front of the gaming industry, but most of them aren’t familiar with how EVE online operates anyway, so it’d be more of a cultural enrichment in the EVE way in the way i see it.

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So, first off this isn’t the place for this sort of post.

This is for features and ideas for the game of Eve which this is completely unrelated to.

Second this is massively impractical and a kind of generally terrible idea. The work required to make anything related to Star Citizen work inside the Eve client would likely be as large or greater than what’s required to just completely reroll WIS on its own.

Like, basically everything in the above paragraph is just wrong.

None of the stuff in SC fits in the Eve universe. It’s built on the wrong tech, it doesn’t fit the aesthetic, it’s not built for Eve gameplay, the list of problems goes on.

Basically there’s no reason for CCP to do this from either a technical or business perspective.

In before locked or moved for off topic and breaching forum rules.

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now that you mention it it really doesn’t fit in here. but most of the work i talked about being taken out is mostly in the art department, there would probably be tons of programming work to do.

but i will say the business standpoint would still stand, based on that ccp would be eliminating competition from it’s game.

(Cade Windstalker) #4

Buying Star Citizen to kill it would be a poor investment. Buying it and continuing to develop it wouldn’t remove any competition from Eve.

Also the work you’re talking about is still massively impractical to do by buying a different game built on a different engine. They wouldn’t be saving any work or effort.

This is still a massively impractical and poor idea.

(Australian Excellence) #5

Buying any part of a game that will never exist is the dumbest idea ever, It’s just a vehicle to sell ship JPEGs to retards. Thinking that it is some sort of competition to EvE is hilarious.

(Linus Gorp) #6

I wonder what you’re smoking that you think Scam Citizen could in any way be compared to EVE. About the only thing they have in common is spaceships. Scam Citizen isn’t even a game, it’s vaporware.

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i guess i’ll que the vaporwave and pray for the sweet release of a thread locking then.

(Sephiroth Clone VII) #8

I would like walking in stations but, the feature is cursed now.

CCP has had development problems with walking in stations dust and the never released world of darkness game, for those faults they still are amazing im comparison to star citizen and whatever chris Roberts company, which is developed in perpetuity from when it started to now.

By the time they release if they do who knows what will be in eve, might be all VR, fights in a any system of 10k, with no time dialation, a planet exploring mini game or extra game like no man sky but better.

Buying them would be taking on bad debt, fat chance, they can just ignore it and it will continue not being a game rival.

(Scipio Artelius) #9

If the first statement is true, how can the second be?

How poised is it?

(Sonya Corvinus) #10

First, games developed by CIG aren’t ‘owned by a bank’. They are collateral on a loan, so as long as the terms of the loan are met, CIG still owns their property.

Second, Star Citizen was excluded from the terms of the collateral in that loan, so this thread is a non-issue.

Third, what makes you think any random company can just ‘buy a game from a bank’ when it’s sitting as collateral on a long term loan?

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Your prayers have been answered :slight_smile: Thread closed.

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