How will EVE Possibly Compete with Amazing Star Citizen?

When Star Citizen goes live in about 2050. Has CCP got contingency plans for the massive migration of players at that time??


This would be funnier (Star Citizen) if it weren’t so sad.


eve will probably be dead by than and star citizen will still be in development.


They will need to rebrand it to Senior Star Citizen by that time.


Exactly that. :joy:
And believe me, as soon as EVE dies (meme, I know) and people from EVE see that star citizens or elite dangerous or a similar game is usable, they will go there and do the same things there that have made EVE the EVE we know. As far as I know, CODE are already trying hard to have fun in ED.

Yeah, Its amazing Eve’s development seemed so smooth back in the early 2000s, Star Citizen is becoming Famous for being Feature Creep Never-Ending Story…

No need to compete, everyone will see what best fits their style.

By the time Star Citizen is released, it’ll all be legacy code.

RSI will have more issues than CCP ever has.


that’s a fairly stupid statement, even for you.

Once they’ve received enough crowdfunding to match the GDP of a small country maybe, just maybe, they will be ready for beta testing…


It’s an completly different gameplay. Only thing these games have in common is that they are both sci-fi games.

I look forward and hoping for a good space opera (squadron 42) that will hopefully give me some good entertainment for a week or two. The online part doesn’t interrest me, too much instancing, no living universe.

So why not just wait and judge the thing when it gets released. If it’s a good game, i will buy it. If not, i won’t. Whatever happens, i don’t think it will be a substitute for eve.

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By the time Star Citizen is ready for general player use Eve online will have full pod immersion tech completed and people will still be complaining about the lag.

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By being released in the 21st century. As opposed to Star Citizen.


Someone is butt hurt…




It is incredible, I paid my fee for Star Citizen three years ago thinking, just a year or two more and finally Eve will be replaced Bwahahahahahha…seems Eve is Immortal…


Yeah, EVE is totally going to be replaced by a different genre game…


To me Star Citizen is Eve on Steroids, the Feature Creep is what’s making SC a farce…

SC seems to promise everything to everyone, I just can’t see it being anything but a disappointment in the end.


Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Thats the motto I applied to SC.

I was thinking about backing it and keep a watch on it, if … If it can successfully pull of at least the main functions of the major features it has at launch (forget the little stuff and a plethora of bugs), it will be a very good game.

The feature creep in SC development is indeed too worrysome, many things will be completely broked. I feel like they should just concentrate on the persistant universe or squadron 42, and launch them at a seperate time windows, maybe a year apart or so. Instead they are trying to do everything, which will take forever to complete.

The other game I keep an eye on is Camelot Unchained, yea I know, apples / oranges, but I already have a group of people doing various RvR style games with whom I’m going to give that a try. Again, if its launch is successfull. Camelot Unchained seems to me like it will be actually ready within a reasonable time frame to play, unlike Star Citizen.

So I do hope these games are successfull and actually finish their development for launch, as currently there is not a single mass PvP game on the market that interests me, including this one. The PvP here sucks for a plethora of reasons that I do not want to go into in this post, its only the longterm stuff that keeps me around, and believe it or not, nowadays, PvE. The new content. All the old stuff, is by now too much of a “been there done that” for me. On top of the transformation of nullsec into botsec has been completed.