CCP, Why are we Still Waiting for this? You Announced it at Fanfest 4 years ago!

Seeing how there is more and more competition out there for Gamers’ Precious Time these days, I believe that what was announced by CCP is way overdue for Implementation to make this Game even more Awesome!
We were supposed to have three Games seamlessly fused into one.
It’s Obvious the Client is just Over saturated with Ever New Space Missions and the Game is Losing Player Population, we need something Uber to Kickstart things again.
Why the Delay? You guys aren’t CIG making Star Citizen, so what’s the excuse?!



Well DUST is dead so, that leaves Valkyrie. I’m not sure how they could merge Valkyrie and Eve tbh…they have been putting the story of the Valkyries in the game though.


Valkyrie is also dead.


Why wasnt Dust for PC :roll_eyes:


Crybabies wants their praised CCP Gods to answer, while CIG actively answers to Star Citizen’s Fan base.
4 years ? wait more. CIG’s studios oppened less then 6years ago… :wink:

Dave I know you mean well, but Star Citizens are a Cult, we both know SC will get to Beta in around 2050, but of course the Believers will throw money at them, CCP has a Game to show for their work, and its 15 years old :wink:


Hey, if you invest $1000 USD in Star Citizen you can then unlock the ultimate ship package for another $27,000 USD.


I believe in star citizen AND in EvE Online.
I know EvE since 2014 and SC Since 2012, but still paid 45$ for SC and 200$ for EvE.
I don’t think its a cult, i just work as IT Tech, and know that dev takes time. And is 90% of the time late. And marketing just push them to be as fast as possible (creating issues).

Patience is needed. Even more in EvE.


I bought SC a few years ago myself, paid my US$40, I just thank God I didn’t put THOUSANDS in it. Those who did are now threatening Court Action if they don’t get Refunds from CIG. CIG JPEGS are VERY EXPENSIVE :wink:


If they would be CCP making EVE CITIZEN, they would probably need like CIG and Chris Roberts… and excuses… and a lot of time.

Certainly they dont have it all.

They could do some exploration content with avatars in Project Nova I think, but that is all.

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Looks like the OP missed the mark, Eve is dying I hear you scream. Dust and Valkyrie have anyway, while Eve still meanders it’s merry way through the cosmos of mmo land.


I don’t think this is possible with this game and they wayyyyyyy overstated. I remember that fanfest, watched the vids etc.

I may be wrong about this, but I think CCP no longer has the personnel that can unravel all the legacy code, much less work with it to such an extent as merging games. I mean, they can’t even bring the agent finder functionality into the agency … They can’t even give us a higher rez playable UI FFS. It is unfortunate, but my confidence in them havign actually capable people is extremely low.

As for the new content ?

The events: Some are good, some are duds. get rid off or remake the duds and they will be just fine. There was actually a good mix in there in difficulty wise etc. some were obviously done for new and lower skilled people while others required more advanced stuff. This was good.

The trig sites ? They’re fine up to lvl 3, pass that they suck cause bling req with super high risk of losing that bling in PvE alone, and then theres the timer. They’re already dying down quite a bit and will continue to slide downwards. The risk vs reward here is just ■■■■■■ for F4 and F5s, pass the initial novelty price inflation on abyssal stuff, F4s and F5s are pointless to run.


CCP never announced this.
They put it as an idea which they were thinking about working towards.

I mean, it would have been awesome, but unless all 3 games were going to be on regular PC, was never going to happen.

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there is always this guy who brings the old stuff upfront … WHY??

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Don’t you want an answer to that exact question; Why? Why was it plugged and then abandoned?
Why were we told extra vehicular activity was on the cards, and there’s nothing?
Is it because CCP has lost staff? Or its not feasible?
I remember MANY years ago at fanfest that we were told we would be able to control populations on planets?
What happened to these ideas, or has CCP just become COMPLACENT and is just kicking the can down the road, just doing the minimum to pay the bills?
Yes, I’d like to know where have all the wonderful ideas gone.

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No it doesn’t.


Just my two cents, but I think both Valkyrie and Dust need to be revived FOR PC. Yes, Eve has a lot of replayability, but at the same time, it’s shallow because of what that is. Both games (if merged into Eve) would not only invite players from those genres that don’t care for Eve as it is now but would give the existing players something new to switch to when they get burned out doing their normal routine.

I for one would love to take breaks from scan down sites every once in a while and run guns blazing through Dust while I wait for my skills, PI, anything to get done.


Your painted picture is too rosy. CCP aren’t left with EvE out of choice. Their new projects and attempts to expand ultimately (unfortunately) failed.

The game is probably in a better state now technically then ever before and yet subscriber numbers plateaued long ago, hence the introduction of Alpha clones. I love this niche sandbox but it’s continued survival depends on keeping the existing player base happy and attracting enough new blood to replace those who inevitably move on.

well no i really dont care … this was long ago and befor my time i guess so … what should i care?
ccp said they look into that … didnt brought it … so what? its ok … its there thing and if they want to do something or not … ok … i just play … i really dont care …

the “why” in my post was not why ccp didnt brought it … my “why” was: why you bring it up again??? i think such stuff was mentioned at least 100 times for nothing …

just take it as it is

@CCP_Falcon can we have a forum section “stuff we told you … never came into EVE … no one cares but some need to pick on it” ? would be cool … thanks


Well I remember all of this and I knew Dust would fail as they made it for consoles only… Valkyrie had a bullseye on it because it was VR only. I think you can play it now without it but by the time that happened it was far too long… There are a lot of things that were talked about and never happened even though a #@$@ ton of people said something about it or said yes we want that, make it happen after being asked “do you guys want this”… lol…

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