Dev blog:Guest Blog - EVE Valkyrie - #ENTERTHEWARZONE

Today was a big day for CCP and the EVE: Valkyrie team!

We have released EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone on September 26th.

Whether you are VR or flatscreen, mouse and keyboard or controller, PC or console, you can fly, fight and die together.

Check out the fantastic journey of EVE:Valkyrie and the amazing new content of the Warzone release in the guest blog!


Will this take place in New Eden (as in with us the players of New Eden) or will it be instanced / completely separate from EvE?

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Can you start working on crimewatch v3.0 now?

Or at least give mercs something else to do than wait in Jita 23.5/7 for targets?



I can haz linux version?


prefer this trailer to the October eve expansion trailer.


*Pew Pew Pew

Event was worthless. They don’t even spawn in null sec.

Don’t you read the Forums? Nullsec is horrible cancer and everyone who lives there doesn’t deserve to have fun, only to suffer in endless TiDi fights as punishment for the horrible sin of making too much ISK. :wink:

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Once again, “news” about something that has nothing to do with EvE. Stop trying to make us want this tripe bs and stick to giving us news on EvE.

I want plex for valkyrie, id so play it/buy it then.

I think the real question i have is if they’re gonna do something like what mojang did when they released their windows 10 edition of Minecraft: gave it for free to everyone who actively bought the original PC editon.

I’d say anyone who bought gametime within the past year or two should get to access it, give some content for all the PS4 guys who bought it.

…that wasn’t a troll. I legitimately read posts saying exactly that almost every time I come on the Forums, which is part of why I come on them so rarely.

Personally I liked the Event, people are always complaining that these events are to Alpha focused and they want a challenge then bitch when they cant blitz the sites.

I have run maybe 20-30 in WH space which has kept me in Accelerators for the past week.

Also they do spawn in NS, I was in a fleet on the weekend and we killed someone in one.

those ships look less like what you would find in new eaden and more like if someone from new eaden made a mad max style move.

What visual UI change for mouse and keyboard PC without VR ?

Recommend you use some form of game pad. The mouse and keyboard optimisation is less than optimal

Is it pay2play or does it has microtransactions? Linux client?

I bought valkyrie a while ago for Vive but had to request refund because an x box controller was required to accept the EULA (but not actually to play the game, apparently i could use hotas for that).

Does this patch add support for other input devices for the eula or just the game?

Nothing in the guest blog about the eula. I didn’t watch the trailer but assume there’s not a section showing simebody accepting the eula using a keyboard.