Dev blog: Welcome To The Warzone - A Guest Blog From The EVE Valkyrie Team

On the 26th of September, some exciting changes are coming to EVE: Valkyrie that will open the hangar doors to a draft of new pilots.

With the launch of EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone, you will no longer need a VR headset to join us in our epic first-person spaceship shooter!

Read more about these exciting changes in the guest blog from the EVE: Valkyrie developer team Welcome To The Warzone


Cool, what PC spec do you need to run the none-VR version? (I actually wanted to wait with a PC upgrade until Nova …:wink: )

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Oh. Now we know why EVE Online development is so slow.


Squeee with delight :slight_smile:

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Will the system requirements go down because game does no longer have to run at 3D 8k 999Hz?

On the Steam store page a NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti is recommended …

This looks awesome!


Huh, this has genuinely piqued my interest now. I always found VR to be too cost prohibitive, so I never thought I’d get to try Valkyrie.

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Now that I like!
What I am a bit concerned about is how you will “balance” the different hardware. But I guess you thought out something (please don’t force gamepads to be used ._. )

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How about less focus on the contards and more focus on OUR game?


No joystick support? So you want me to just keep flying MS Flightsim X?

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you do know they can easily do both right? Valk has its own team that does this stuff, as does eve. Its really not that hard.

One I care about, the other I couldn’t give a flying fornication. It’s really not that hard.

I see “Mouse & keyboard support” in the blog. Does this support joysticks / throttles or are there any plans for adding support for those?

Yes, it has always supported joysticks and throttles.

However, it does NOT support granular throttle control. The game is arcade style, so basically you just have normal forward speed, braking, and boosting. You get used to it pretty quickly.

As well, CCP Roo confirmed that they did not remove the ability to lock and fire missiles in all directions. You can bind that to any control you want on your joystick, it defaults to the right-stick on controllers, and there’s a keyboard preset that has you fly with the arrow keys while using the mouse for free-look.



This old thrustmaster setup has been collecting dust for a little bit. I’m itching to use it. I’ve a feeling though it’ll play better on a controller given your comment about arcade style flight.

Well, if your thrustmaster has at least 2 throttle buttons, you can easily just use it to rest your hand on and do Boost and Brake.

Either that or combine a keyboard with a joystick.

So now they’re removing the VR requisite from their VR game?


This is Awesome news! Really glad I’ll get a chance to try Valkyrie!

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So when can we expect the new fighters to be replicated into eve.

Probably just saved this game…

I can’t wait for affordable VR. I really can’t. I play so many simulation games that would really benefit. But the cost is just ridiculous.

Now work on better integration between Valkyrie and EVE and get this ultimate sci-fi universe going again!