New session game in the EVE universe

Greetings capsuleers!

To begin with, I want to apologize for my English, all the text was translated by Google translator, but I hope that the main idea is conveyed clearly enough. :wink:

I’ve been playing EVE for over 10 years now and I really like this universe with all its advantages and disadvantages. It is alive, complex, harsh, but it constantly makes to return.
We have seen some attempts to adapt the EVE universe to other genres (FPS - Dust, and Space Arcade - Valkyrie), but I would like to share ideas on how else our game might look in a different format.
Recently, we have seen an increase in demand for session space arcades, where teams of 10-15 people enter the battle in a small location with various obstacles. Remember the Dreadnought, Star Conflict and Fractured Space.
Now imagine this setting in the world of EVE:

  • WASD control of ships from EVE online with a third-person view behind the ship;
  • mouse shooting with non-target shooting;
  • missile armament will be leveled out by a large assortment of missile defense systems installed on ships in the form of modules and seriously reducing the advantage of homing missile weapons;
  • battles 10 vs 10, or 15 vs 15, depending on the size of future locations;
  • Electronic warfare works like in EVE: webs, scramblers, painters, energy neutralizers, etc .;
  • combat, support and electronic warfare drones are present;
  • you can warp inside the location, but scrubbers and disruptors neutralize this;
  • the set of ships, of course, cannot be the same as the original EVE. Offhand, one could leave: Battleships, BC, Cruisers, logistic ships, electronic warfare ships;
  • all kinds of skins for ships (inscriptions, stickers) will make the game free-to-play - this will attract more players;
  • the hangar of the ship could be made in the form of an EVE station for a more atmospheric atmosphere.
    These are just basic ideas for understanding the concept, the game can be developed very deeply, based on the war of factions, the system of contracts, resource extraction, and so on…

The game will not have competitors, as the Dreadnought looks like 20 years ago, Star Conflict is a cartoon parody of space, and the Fractured Space is closed.

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Do you know about Eve Valkyrie?

Yes, sure.
But that is VR only FPS. This is not exactly what i suggest.

Actually, you can play it in non-VR now. Unfortunately, I doubt it has a large player base. So matchmaking might take a while.

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