EVE Vanguard

Thank you for sticking with this vision for the long term. I look forward to my headshots making a difference. I would like to request letting me infiltrate and steal player ships from structures.


If the monetisation is not arse, it’s on pc and the gameplay is fun (please bob let it be true) then hell yeah


Finally what I was looking for. Waiting for details about integration with main game and differences between alpha/omega accounts, etc…


pls say that this brings eve back from its slow dying state


Can we ask questions about Vanguard ?
“Waiting for details about integration with main game” , if it is complementary there is no main game.

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Also, will characters’ skills have any effect on Vanguard gameplay?

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Guys! Our willpower is working! @Elinore_en_Divalone!!

EVE FPS people! Take 2! Will CCP learn from the botched event that was DUST? I hope so.

I am hyping it up! I want to use my SMG and rip other capsuleers up into shreds! :upvotepartyparrot: :upvotepartyparrot: :partying_face:


Thanks for pinging me here :slight_smile:

Hopefully EVE Vanguard/Havoc panel will answer some questions :slight_smile:
Unfortunatelly I’ve heard it won’t be streamed. That other stream for EVE [REDACTED] is for EVE Havoc - the November 14th expansion - new corp procjects, ship skin customizations and more (that was in the keynote I not making that up :slight_smile: )


Eve-scape from tarkov?
Escape from Dust-514?

either way, looks interesting. The Tarkov model is certainly a lot more interesting than a generic team based FPS, and with semi-often resets – err, new planets to explore with a fresh clone, there is a lot more potential to continued, episodic gameplay pulls to keep players interested.

Also, What ever happened to the vomit-inducing fast paced VR game, Eve Valkyrie? How is that one doing?

That was shut down.

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Yes, they said it was shut down because the market wasn’t ready, but it is still in consideration for the future.

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Who is silent consents ! :female_detective:

– How does the creation of a character work ?

  • Races, the same as EvE (Amar, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar) ?
  • States, the same as EvE (including the pirate possibilities Guristas, Angels, …) & EvE player alliances and or corporation ?
  • Omega & Alpha account ?
  • A limited Alpha (30/45/60 days) for EvE players ?
  • A suitable rate for EvE & Vanguard accounts ?
  • Will there be special EvE Vanguard missions given by EvE agents ?
  • FPS without interference on crafting, installing bases on planets ?

That’s still a lot of irons in the fire !

( French/English translation via Google ) :fr: / :uk:


I hope we’ll see some wrap up of offline EVE Vanguard Q&A panel from today.

There is an active discord group of DUST514 veterans ( ← an invite link ) at FF’23 locking their eyesights on this :slight_smile:

And the Q (A’s are coming soon™ hopefully) chanel link

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one question that NO ONE asked during the panel:

what kind of anti-cheating implementation do you have in mind?

looking at tarkov, beautiful game but plagued by cheaters, plagued by RMT, plagued by lack of communication, plagued by developers not listening to the community’s needs and so on and so forth.

what say you?


In EvE: theft, fraud, perjury are part of the game (let’s stay human).

Exploits (there have been some) are addressed by the developers as soon as they are reported.

December “release” is a public test for omega accounts only and not an actual EVE Vanguard Release

Go to the EVE Vanguard web site to sign-up for the test:

Use <SIGN ME UP> form.

Courtesy of @Gothikia we have some vanguard offline FF’23 panel summary from discord channel:
The source video is …temporarily unavailable as of now (why CCP, why???) :wink:

DISCLAIMER: Bear in mind this is all to be treated as preliminary info prone to be chnaged without notice :slight_smile: So hype on but do not attach to it too much :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Capsuleer clone is not transferrable to Vanguard.

  • Capsuleers are “the elite”

  • Vanguards are “the grunts”

  • Vanguard clone will effectively be your “fourth character” in your Omega subscription.

  • Vanguard clone and EVE clone can be active at the same time, on the same account.

  • Will be local region servers that provide lowest possible latency that connect to the server.

  • CCP Rattari said that region locking will prevent you from playing with your friends all over the >world. Update: CCP Potato Battery and CCP ShortFall clarified this. The region lock currently is a soft lock based on connection capabilities. See below for details.

  • Current game tick rate is 60Hz.

  • Shooting, looting, scanning… mining?! Not just a “shoot them in the face” type deal which is encouraging because they’re specifically not limiting gameplay to a very specific playstyle.
    “We’re not an extraction shooter. We drop into the planet, we do contracts, we decide when we want to leave.”

  • Death isn’t necessarily a loss state in Vanguard unlike other FPS games.

  • How you get off the surface of a planet does not determine whether that was a win or a loss.

  • Squads might be smaller than Dust initially.
    “It might be that the first objective is to build mining infrastructure on the planet. Set up mining rigs, landing pads, and that might be a shared experience to gather resources. Then the objective could flip. Others come in and it could be about defending your territory or even taking someone elses stuff. Peaks and troughs in terms of numbers of people.”

  • The EVE alliance system will apply immediately? Not focusing on developing tools initially, but rather >let it form organically and see how it comes together. Would be nice to get clarification on this…

  • Not going into details on progression. They say you’ll grow as a player when it comes to skills and that there will be a thread that will pull you through each deployment. Doesn’t sound as if they’ve figured all that out yet, which is fair, its still early days.

  • On the playstyles, they’re not creating “hard classes” that funnel people into particular play styles. But people who are more focused on exploring, on industrial operations, they will also have a place in vanguard.

  • Recommended system requirements will be subject to change, but because they’re using Unreal Engine 5, and particularly, Nanite, it does sit on the higher system requirement end of the spectrum. CCP PotatoBattery said that a machine from 2018 onwards, so modern Ryzen or Intel, you should be fine. On the GPU side of things, that probably means RTX 2080+ / 6800XT+ or above given my own experience with UE5. Currently Windows only.

  • It will be possible to extract mid session to a waiting capsuleer or a POCO or whatever.

  • You can reactivate your old Dust 514 character name. Doing their best to recognise the history behind this one big story. Will be some Dust and Nova lore behind it all.

(discussion of the above on the forum here)

If anyone missed EVE Vanguard live demo action from FF’23 Keynote, here it is:


This sounds awesome, looking forward to it. I wonder how long its been cooking before the reveal?

Oh nice I was wondering this. All hail Mountain Doody

like 7 years, since DUST514 was shot down in 2016
EVE Vanguard is CCP’s 4th take on FPS :slight_smile:

Edit: I think I’d red it on the old dust forum - before DUST514, there was a prototype made on EVE Online proprietary Carbon engine. It looked awesome but almost melted the PC it was running on :rofl:

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