Is the Captain quarters coming back into eve

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Is the captain quarters coming back i would love it if ccp brings it back

I didn’t hear anything about it. CCP’s primary focus is on EVE FPS atm.

If you don’t see it in fanfest it is not their priority. Let it go lad. EVE FPS is the future now!

No its not

Templar One (the book) was released 11 years ago and was supposed to tie in to a console FPS allegedly in development. Speculating here, but I think they shelved it, gave us Quarters, and now its a more feasible project.

Let WIS go dude.

If you want space legs, go play Star Citizen/Elite Dangerous.

Or join the HYPE TRAIN THAT IS EVE VANGUARD!!! :upvotepartyparrot: :partying_face: :partying_face: :upvotepartyparrot: :upvotepartyparrot: :partying_face:


In today’s time, a Captain’s quarter would be valid for furry roleplay and for inviting people into your room, it’s all part of the globalist furry agenda


That shot of the awards being given out to the capsuleers who found the gates was astonishing. First time I’ve seen a CCP render of multiple full body player toons in one shot. Not to mention the many characters walking around in recent trailers. It does make one wonder why they’d be spending so much time drawing legs after the captains quarters debacle.


More than the individual captain quarters, we need to make it social like the gurista party video.

I want to see the Jita 4-4 bar with all of the other characters wearing their clothes/augmentations/etc. and doing random crap in the station.

even if it’s a ~50 (due to gfc limitations) people standing infront of the giant monitor that shows the recent price changes and trends that are automated along the bottom of the market screen.

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