Did walking in stations ever exist?

Didn’t you find it convenient how you just entered the hanger and there you where already dressed what made you think you where really in the station a few stylish plugs on the back. In a universe where the virtual is so ingrained how could you really know?



Reason number 594385639067 not to pick and eat mushrooms unless you are an expert.


You knew you were in the station because you could see the hanger from the captain’s cabin.

Although not sure what you’re trying to get out of this thread.


So your saying the captain’s quarters could not be virtual because your ship is real?

Yet the pod your in virtualizes everything?

How you got that out of what I wrote, I don’t know.

Starting to think Salt might be onto something.


It’s was all an illusion…

Anyway, ship spinning was more use than the captain’s quarters.

Yes and it was awesome.


Reality exists in the eye of the beholder.


R.I.P. W.I.S.


With the 64bit system EVE is working on could support this again.


With CCP coding incompetence and lack of resources for important things because they are occupied with rubbish most of the time as well as because if ignorant people like ISD Basto and you, WIS never really existed. WIS had a lot of potential to make EVE an even more awesome place.

But because CCP is CCP, WIS never had a chance. Which is particularly funny because CCP keeps peddling dumb clothing items in the NES to us to give them more RL income although there is no way at all to experience these clothing items. Yep people keep buying them, which is the most amazing thing.

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Is anything real? Beyond the fact that I may have wasted my time reading this…


Well, I agree with you on just about everything.

And yeah, I’m one of those players who buys the NES Apparel items. It’s a shame CCP removed the Captains Quarters, a lot of Dev time and effort went into programing them and then CCP just trashed them. I don’t care about the BS excuse they gave for removing them, the CQ’s were still a great backdrop for taking character full body screenshots to showcase their NES Apparel items…

So you’re probably wondering why I still buy the NES Apparel items even though the Captains Quarters is gone. First of all I get tired of constantly looking at the same old portrait day in and day out so I change it up quite often, and that also includes changing the clothes.

Secondly I’ve been working on a side project creating my own character full body portraits which showcase the NES Apparel items. I do this strictly as a hobby and I’ve been learning quite a bit about graphics manipulation in the process.

I don’t know if you saw my thread about me going on a Character Creation Spree. In the process of doing that I started working on creating Eve Character Scene’s, with the first one featuring 3 of my characters as members of Tribal Liberation Force. I actually entered this Eve Character Scene in a forum thread contest for Propaganda Posters.

Anyway, that’s basically an ‘Action’ scene but I also wanted to include a ‘Profile’ scene as well. Guess I could use the same background but like I said, I’m still learning how to do it and as such I’m also experimenting with it at the same time, basically doing different scenes to see what works and what doesn’t. Soo, here’s a couple ‘Profile’ scenes for those characters that I haven’t quite finished yet.

Anyway, I get it, not all players want to see that in the game. However CCP did spend a lot of time creating a lot of different background scenery for DUST 514. Hopefully those assets could still be put to use within the game. DUST 514 should have been added to Eve with the door in the Captains Quarters being the bridge between that and flying in space. Too bad CCP couldn’t open up that door.


It was possible a simulation of the simulacra. The aliens harvesting us for dank electricity will never let us out our pods.

It was very nice but could have needed meeting rooms or bars and limited brawling. Since its rated for 12 year olds this game will not offer lapdance emotes or poker or slot machines.

That aside they used a development tool that was abandoned and did not compile 64bit :slight_smile: So yeah… maybe when they have more experience with unreal engine

I called it walking in bedroom / sitting room. Was well done actually, what little there was.


In the captain’s quarters (captain’s cabin I used in another post, I realised later was the name of a pub which closed) they used to have adverts for gambling which I did lodge a complaint against because of the recommended age limit.

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That seems… a bit short sighted.

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