Captain's quarters in our stations

Where is our captain quarters in our stations?

I need a sit down to think my head when I’m out flying, and the captain’s quarters are no longer available!

-Also, the space-station walk and mingle is it not, and clothes shopping by store it is not, and hamburger, gin, and beverage it is not.

Is it not something wrong here?


That ship has sailed.


Yeah, CCP definitely screwed the pooch with the decision to remove it.

Can read all about it here:


They were removed, and understandably so. It’s was a cosmetic feature that slowed down your computer something fierce.

I had a bit of liking to the station walking to certain degree. And that degree was breached when seeing how loooong it took to load after docking in a station each time…

You need to sit down before your next sortie? There’s always real life, head for your living room, sit in a comfortable chair, chill back with your phone or pad, accompany it with a drink or snack. :slight_smile:


Fortunately you could play some other games with captain quarters in the future. Noone should ever reduce their options to EVE only.


they were taken down because they were consuming resources for a feature that was barely usefull (cant deny that you could take pretty damn good photos on it, but this didnt give any gameplay value).

so unless they finally figure out a way to make Walking in Stations into something that actually benefits players, then there’s no point on having those.


In some parallel universe it is very succesfull addition to EVE.


Take me to the Walking in Ships dimension.

–Captain Gadget


People still ask almost daily (twice today, once yesterday) if they can walk around their ship / station.

People still come to EVE having seen it in a YouTube video and ask how they can do it.

People still ask what the point in all the clothing for sale is if you never really see your character.

People still make threads like this one.

And yet we are to believe it was so unwanted that it just wasn’t worth keeping in the game due to lack of interest.

I am still not buying that excuse.


I would like to see the Captain Quarters come back in a better form but I doubt they will because it’s not profitable for CCP and they’re greedy that’s why they haven’t changed the War dec mechanic or any other mechanic that would help a small Corporation because they’re greedy!!!


The saddest part is… if th MVP (minimum viable product) of Walking In Stations included the ability to walk up to a kiosk, and play a simple game of Blackjack for isk, it would have been a roaring success.

Single greatest missed opertunity in all of Eve.


Just slots, with a machine from the NPC corporations, and later player owned machines…


Well, in any event, they forgot the bathroom. CCP is harsh…


I would like to see a captain quarter that maybe had the ability to watch like YouTube and stuff inside of it and lay down so you could actually leave your character on when you sleep in real life they can expand on it and so many ways they can have like bars they can make it another virtual experience but thing at the tried to cater to everybody and they want to keep the graphics requirements as well as possible but I think honestly I need to get with the 21st century there’s so much I could really do with it they can also make the experience with the cockpit view a lot more Interactive have like buttons that you’re mine link would have to use your webcam to attract your face that could be a lot of things and have the Mind link work that way


Looks like Serenity had another exclusive artifact for those EVE pilgrims who wished to see the good old things.

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Since they’re changing to a 64-bit system they could bring it back and they could bring a little more they could add like a way to go through that door into like the station itself and do a little clothes shopping and maybe like a bar where you could walk in and listen to virtual radio box Style every NPC station could have a different type of music One Regions of space could be country the other could

be like rock and roll oldies the type of deal where you can hang out and chat if anyone is played Star Citizen they have a really neat login feature where you log into like this capsule Hotel style bed it’s kind of cool if you need to see something like that where you could actually sleep in station

and leave your character there when you’re not at the computer I have another game I used to leave my character logged into 24/7 until I start getting addicted to this one

I used to love the captain quarter personally I would sit there and chat for hours until my Corporation of course fell apart that was my first character we won’t go into old I would love to have my own station where I can control the music and maybe like a bar like a modular for socializing that would be cool


it didn’t provide any game play features because they pulled all of that over a revolt against micro transactions with monoclegate trying to sell a eye piece for $70.


So thinking back now, do you not think sitting on the station for hours doing nothing but talking might have something to do with your corp falling apart?

you’ll say no no no it had nothing to do with it of coarse :wink: but the fact remains, it was a dead feature that did nothing but hog resources in game and on the Dev team and while on station talking bollox your enemies where building up their power and their pilots where gaining experience with every gate they jumped :wink:

it was a very interesting idea at the start, but it never went anywhere and didn’t bring anything to the game except an excuse for why buy clothes for my dolly.

what was it 3% where using it? and people wonder why it was dropped. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


this turns the game into a gambling game and the laws that surround those type of games are very different from those covering this game. not as simple as you make out at all. :rofl: