Devblog: Preparing For The Future – Retirement Of Captain’s Quarters & Twitch Integration

As we look toward the fifteenth anniversary of EVE Online and start preparing for the third decade and the long term future of EVE, we’re looking more at focusing on spaceships and core EVE Online gameplay.

With that in mind, this devblog gives a little more information on a couple of features in the EVE Online client that will be retired over the course of the next two releases, and gives details on the reasoning behind the decisions.

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How long until Twitch Prime includes SKINs?

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CCPls, what the heck took you so long?

Can’t say I’m sad to see CQ removed. Haven’t used the feature much because it’s somewhat a performance killer when used by dozens of clients simultaneously, but I did enjoy it every now and then for RP reasons.

You know what I’d love way, way, waaaaaaaaaaaaay more? Get rid of these ■■■■■■■ billboards in the hangar. That would be a major step toward making me reconsider my unsubbing 50 accounts.


death to the broom closet!

The twitch in game was annoying to use as it resized game windows, and like you say OBS just does it better.


What happened to ye-olde walking in stations that was being worked on before you were forced to scrap everything for the 'hot new ’ captain’s quarters?


excellent decisions


Small % of use. This is the best excuse.



no problem if we can use our avatars in the project legion/shooter where can be a lounge and even a corpmeeting place or something and we can shoot our enemys in the face and…
oh wait…there was something… ah right!

dust/project legion is even not a small light on the horizon^^


Thank you for this dev blog, things are thoroughly explained, with good reasoning.

I hope you guys develop a better technology for Avatar Gameplay in the future.

This gives me hope that one day the Ambulation/Incarna features will be in a better place.

Keep up the good work!


AFAIK it was built as a wholly separate entity, used a third party engine and was, for reasons not explicitly stated, considered not feasible to integrate to EVE, all of its assets and work on it went to waste. However I find it amazing that CCP of 2007 managed to build a far more complex WIS work-in-progress than CCP of 2010, while they were also working on the biggest expansion by then at the same time, while not having even as much money or resources as they do now. Footage of it, screencaps above, were showcased on fanfest in 2008 IIRC.

Seriosly though, biggest ball ever dropped by CCP. One thing I’m honestly bitter about.

That said, I can understand that they want to gut it seeing the usage metrics and the upkeep it needs, and can’t really blame them for removing a half-finished product that keeps other things on hold because of it.


Sad, but understandable.

Hopefully more avatar play eventually does make it into the game that would be engaging enough for more people to use.


The captains quarters were an absolute waste in resources both in-game and by developers. Heard it was made by Hungarians, my lineage…good job my countrymen…but it was really pointless, as the parent company never expanded on it. A famous
Hungarian also created the hydrogen bomb…turning kiloton nukes to megaton range.
His name was Edward Teller and he said he regretted it as the worst mistake in his life.
I’d probably feel the same.


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Good riddance to a waste of dev time and maintenance. I don’t mind seeing the focus being on Internet Spaceships over Internet Barbies. There’s plenty of work that needs to be done in the actual game. You know, the bit where we hit the undock button.


I know a lot of people aren’t happy with the removals, particularly the Captain’s Quarters, but I see CCP making good prioritization decisions based on hard user metrics and it makes me happy.

Do what you’re good at (spaceships), let people that are good at things you aren’t do those things for you (Twitch/OBS/etc), and stop doing things that don’t add meaningful value for the effort (Captain’s Quarters).


The only reason people didn’t use the Captain’s Quarters is because there is nothing to do in there. Put a pinball machine or something and put a leader-board for it and you’d see a rise in numbers.
I quite like the Captain’s Quarters but if you’re not going to do anything with walking in stations then it makes sense to remove it.


Well, there goes my show pitch for the Home and Garden channel on rehabing/remodeling old GQS into showcase class residences…


Bingo. Also the fact that it was kind of an aborted bastard fetus of Incarna with poor, unpolished usability in general.


Yay, finally removing the bloatware.


You can sit on the couch…a crafting element could’ve been introduced or…something.