Dev blog: Preparing For The Future – Retirement of EVE Voice

With only 0.4% of our pilots using EVE Voice, the time has come to retire it as we move toward modernizing the EVE Online Client.

Check out this Dev Blog for more information on the retirement of EVE Voice, and the push toward modernizing the EVE Online client for the future!


As for the new chat system, will there still be this dumb character limit on it like we have now?

Or is that something that will stay?

Or, i wouldn’t directly mind a limit as long as it’s gets expanded like 4-5 times from what we have now.


What will be the benefit of a 64bit client?

I know it will be easier to allocate more then ~4GB ram, but that is not an issue yet, is it?
Will there be performance benefits?

XMPP sounds interesting, maybe it will be possible to send offline messages and connect from a 3rd party client? :smiley:


So is this basically jabber in game now? I’m assuming that with an XMPP protocol we could theoretically access in game chat out of game on PC or mobile?

Is this an eventual direction for this change?

I’m all for this change if you can also include some tools to help with the onboarding of new pilots into corporations/alliances/coalitions that use similar XMPP protocols to keep membership engaged. This seems like a no-brainer for attacking the problem of people floating around without a social unit when they try the game. It seems like a straightforward path to help push people into organizationally strong social groups that will keep them engaged.


As one of the 0.4% im a sad panda.


Is there a list of components which stop you guys from migrating to a 64bit client?

This would be interesting to know what other components might end up on the chopping block.


Never used it so I don’t mind it, however I wish and hope and dream of new Captain’s Quarters with a Station Bar so I can go to scam shitpost have fun chats with fellow capsuleers face to face.


Some day in the future: “We have discontinued development of EVE Online as only 0.1% of world’s population plays it.”


Regarding the chat change – one of the sillier knock-on effects of the old chat system is that it stood in the way of allowing stored ship fits to have arbitrary cargo. This is because allowing arbitrary cargo in a ship fit could cause the serialized form of the ship fit to exceed the maximum length of a single chat message. With the new XMPP-based chat system, is there any will towards allowing ship fits to store arbitrary cargo?


It can be an issue.

One of those ones where it’s edge cases, but I know people who have had problems because of it.

First and foremost the benefit would be more memory; to increase the threshold for maximum client memory usage on computers that have more avaliable sysem memory.


Sorry to hear that; have you looked at other options, such as Discord, for your particular use case?

3 Likes is another option you could look at :slight_smile:

There are currently no other known blockers.


Thank god this is finally going, what else is holding you back from a 64bit system so we can just say “get rid of it”

But are you left with known unknowns, or unknown unknowns?


I’ll get my coat.


one more mark on the “Games that have implemented a voice chat later just to see it’s not used by players” - List. No loss.

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Rebuild server code for EVE 3.0.
Rebuild server code for EVE 3.0.

We know it’s a huge job, but you’ve got 5 years. Bit at a time, future of Eve secured.

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Unknown unknowns… I think.


There will be a limit, but as it stands I believe it´s roughly 4 times the current one.