Dev blog: New Chat Backend Coming With The March Release


(CCP Falcon) #1

Check out this short dev blog for more information on the new XMPP chat backend that’s coming to EVE Online, and information on how you can assist with testing it and letting us know if you spot any issues!

(Drechlas) #2

I was just wondering how it comes that this move wasn’t done a lot earlier. Seen that you ordered a study back in 2011 to research feasibility

(Erik Kalkoken) #3

Does the change to XMPP open up the possibility for the community to also use 3rd party chat clients in the future, like Pidgin?

(Trajan Unknown) #4

Does that mean, I can disable chat bubbles? I am ok with enabling them by default but please give us an option to disable them. Another thing I´d love to see would be these corp chats being closeable. Characters in npc corps might not want to have this thing sticks around all the time. I know I can minimize it but it´s coming back all the time on log in. It´s just these little annoyances I hope you get rid of wit h the new back-end.

(Rivr Luzade) #5

What does “taking it outside the EVE cluster” mean? Will this chat service run from now on on google servers?

(CCP Snorlax) #6

Amazon servers, actually.

(Trajan Unknown) #7

It means they want to break up the whole cluster into more manageble clusters. We had multithreading and multiprocessing for CPUs, load-balance for server clusters to manage crazy workloads. If CCP breaks up the cluster like that it will increase performance a ton. CCP is working on the code for years now but not matter how crazy you optimise the code breaking the workload into smaller parts (serverside) will be a huge performance boost plus the code will be a “clusterfuck” until the end I guess. Sleek code is awesome but sleek code is hard to code when doing it from scratch, let alone unfucking a bunch of peoples spaghetti code.

(Rivr Luzade) #8

So they can get out chat data now and use them for advertisement?

(Maou Solidus) #9

Does “There is no intended change in how text chat behaves” mean we’ll still have locally saved chatlogs for easy (and offline) access? This function has been extremely useful to me in the past.

(CCP Explorer) #10

It opens up that possibility and we might do that in the future. For now we are only replacing the backend, but a standard text chat server would allow such possibilities.

(CCP Explorer) #11

We are not making any changes to UI or functionality.

(Trajan Unknown) #12

Seems I keep beating a dead horse here.

(Hirmuolio Pine) #13

On the yesterday’s thread there was some mention that the character limit of a message could become larger. is this going to happen?

(Eli Pacificator) #14

Please Please Please make an option to disable chat bubbles with this migration to a new service.

(Billy Antollarenti) #15

I have never deliberately clicked a chat bubble. I have many times by accident. The benefit the few people who chat with strangers surely doesn’t outweigh the disbenefit to the rest of us

(B0T0) #16

Will the MOTD or chat settings deleted?

(Brain Gehirn) #17

While you are at it, can we just have better chat limitations?
50 for the non delayed version isn’t really good and often I see newbros thinking that some channels are just empty. It’s also hard to coordinate some specific fleets when everyone needs to type something just to appear at the list.

Would be even better if the channel just switches between one or another after the limit has been reached without having to change a few options.


(Momiji Sakora) #18

We need to remove the chat bubbles - the amount of times I still accidentally click them is silly.

(Trajan Unknown) #19

Well, it´s not about removing them completely but giving the choice to disable them. As I said, I am totally fine with them being enabled by default but give me an option. I mean, it´s 2018 UI things should be optional not forced. I´d go so far and ask for a completely modifiable UI but that´s too much to ask for right now and would siphon dev ressources that are better spend elsewhere but if you can add a feature, you can add it properly can´t you?

(CCP Explorer) #20

Yes. Same reply as yesterday.