[March] New Chat back-end in the March release

We now have Singularity running with the new chat back-end that will be released in March.

As of now, we have not migrated channels from Tranquility onto Singularity, but that will happen in the coming days.

There should be no functional difference between this version of the chat and the one currently on Tranquility, but if you do come across any issues, feel free to fire off a bug-report.


Ah! Noted. A few things seem a little wonky, like the empty line after pressing enter to send your text in local or the text showing in the orange “link to something” color.

will this adress in any way the chat log parsing to feed intel warning programs ? cancer of nullsec hunters

I guess there’s no functionality to save defaults for a new channel, ie, compact names, timestamp on, picture next to chat lines off?

WH Local Channel is not working as intended. It shows the pilots when they enter the system. The only part which is working is when they leave the system, they still appear on the local channel.

Tested going to a WH with Moveme and usual means and login in while inside a WH and different accounts. The Delay Local Chat for WH is not working correctly.

Already submit a Bug Report as UI(If wrong option let me know and I’ll reopen it) EBR-145021

RIP Open practice scrimmage cpts channel. Guess we’ll make a new one.

edit: Cannot add more Operators to a channel. After selecting a character and clicking OK, the selection window closes with no effect.

Chat Bubbles appear whenever the character name is first displayed, disappear on mouse-out, and reappear on mouse-over. Its really noticeable when scrolling through the member list.

Local count is wrong.

Extra players randomly appear in local chat that are not in system. This is cleared if you leave system, but not on changing ships (session change?).

Players entering a chat for the first time are automatically muted despite the access being set to “Allowed”. Can unmute.

Players in local chat are randomly duplicated. I don’t know why.

All chat channels are now in order of appearance rather than alphabetical order. Plz revert.

the probe scanner does not display the name.All of them are shown as combat site.

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