Chat windows, linking in chat, overviews and everything else that is broken

So right now the chat windows are pretty busted, characters are out of a - z listing, local sometimes does not show up and sometimes there can be 2-3 of the same person in local.
You are unable to link in any chat window, such as fittings, killmails/lossmails, moduels etc…
Overview settings don’t save when you log off and back on, making it very frustrating.
Small but subtle thing also is that newly created characters dont have their portrait showing, would be nice too actually see characters and not a blackoutline.

No more MOTD as well

Should be fixed now with the latest update on Singularity - which also fixed a lot of other chat problems. We also removed all player channels (and there will be at least one further such channel removal) - please note that old links to chat channels might be broken now.

One request: Please send bug reports (directly from the Singularity client - F12 - Report Bug) about all remaining problems with the new chat on Singularity.

Is this something that will happen when this hits TQ? ALL the existing channels will be lost?

As far as I know the plan is to migrate existing chat channels, but the script for it is still in internal testing to make sure that everything is converted correctly.

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That is good news!

However the chat channel windows still don’t remember their window positions when pinned or not.
At least the overview stayed.

Edited on March 15th, the window position thing is fixed now but some issues still remain.

@CCP_Habakuk, WH Local still not working properly as it show Players in Local without talking, like any KnowSpace Local. I already open a Ticket the first time I saw this happend (23 Feb) - EBR-145021, but I dont know if it got review or not, help center is not helping :frowning:

It only shows yourself - you should already know that you are in there. Others don’t see you unless you say something.

This will probably go back to the old behavior, though, don’t worry.

Thanks for the info.

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