Channel system broken again - Fixed by CCP

Seems channel system broken again and right clicking objects, any update on timetable?

Best regards Green Cobra

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It is completly broken! It doesnt show a single person, although there are at least 50 people in system. Also, all my saved, player made chat channels are gone …


Its very broken wont connect

not only the chat is Broken

Login works not normal
deactivate/activate of modules 1s to 2 minutes delayed
and friends tell me that fleets warps in with its backsite infront ^^

allready called a Priest

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i also confirm broken chat on all channels including local, not possible to rightklick on portrait for anything, menu doesnt open, and the chat-join mechanism is also defect.
its always opening and closing connection to chatserver.
seems like some kind of attack on the chatservers?

just my 2cent :slight_smile:

So my client just reconnected to chat servers and now it shows the same 21 people in every system … It doesnt update at all.

I still cant join any new channels.

Local is gone indeed. I still have my other channels and it seems they work more or less. Also not daring to run anymore abyss sites like this until it’s confirmed to only be the chat issue…lost enough in there already to server hiccups. those server hiccups scare me. especially when you can actually lose a ship to them with the new instanced spaces o.O

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Same issue… can’t see local, corp or alliance chat channels.

Living in lowsec these are fundamental channels / tools in the game so I’m left with no choice but to log out and not participate in things until it’s fixed.

I feel this level of ‘bug’ is worthy of refunded game time if it lasts as it’s game breaking for me personally.

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I am having same issue I have 7 accounts and can only see one that able to see people in local and no I don’t live in wh incase any troll decide to raise they heads

If CCP had a 99.9% uptime guarantee these issues would’ve been fixed months ago. Heck - the chat system wouldn’t have been overhauled in the first place.

Is this the new normal? Extended downtimes, Tranquility databae issues that last for hours, a chat system that works intermitently…? Not too mention all the lag and overhead this is causing across the rest of the cluster.

They need to award 2m skill points per month for the last few months that this clusterfuck has been allowed to continue.

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even thought that most people in the system are showing there are reports in the system ( null sec area) hositles are not showing up in local when they are in fact in the system

100% this isn’t fixed yet. 2 characters in the same system: 1 shows 20 in local the other 13.

Yep still all F’ed up and if not worse than before

And again, Chat is not working properly. Time to rethink your decision on sourcing out the chat, isn’t it?

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Hostiles do not show up in local when in null or show up way too late, just lost a Rattlesnake because of it. Why is this not fixed?

For whoever says “I’ve never seen it”, its a big problem.
Twitch-clip for proof

I just travelled to Amarr, a hauler got ganked by Tornados right next to me at a gate … None of the players on grid was in local (chat channel).

I wanted to play more EVE this summer, but i think i will play something else because the chat and server issues are getting worse.

EDIT: It is this bug again:

well, evidently, it is bro0ken again, nothing showing in local, but people are showing docked in the station with me

Update: restarted all clients and “currently” they seem to be working

ya it broke again even worse then before

Same here, I’m currently not showing in local. Plus, tons of lag.