Chat system broke... again

Chat system broke again.
Cog in chat not working. Fleet chat window not appearing when fleet is joined, although fleet member window pops up.

Are we going to have to wait until downtime tomorrow again until this is fixed? Another 14 hours of EVE in wormhole invisible mode then I guess.


Same for me

Yes… the f*cked up out of sync chat is again not working, it waited until CCP said - nah we are going to stick with this cheap ass new crap because its fine…

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Local chat not refreshing for me either.

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Is totaly dead , not just dead …

[20:05:17] EVE System > Connection to chat server lost
what did ccp break this time

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Chat worked fine for a few weeks, but now its broken again. There way more than 4 people in my current system …

yeah local is kinda funky atm :stuck_out_tongue:

I just had 209 people in local when others saw 11 and 24.

highest number in this system would be 33.

Been broken all day… some seeing war targets in system and others not even able to connect. What are we suppose to do in these situations?

The entire local system in Miroitem is broken other area’s u warp to are fine unless u think u are in wormhole then all is great i think…
But Dscan is still KING!

Lol, local chat still broken. Hopefully ccp repairs it during dt

Any word from CCP on this?..

ccp never response on these forum you got more chance of them responding on twiter or reddit than their own forums

and it’s still broken… #ccplease

Chat system has been broke for over 15 hours now and local is still showing my alt that’s been longed off since down time.

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