Chat system still buggy as heck

When are CCP going to fix the f’ing chat system?
The dang thing times out after several minutes of you typing things and them disappearing into the void, the only way I you will know this is happening is if you have more than one char looking at the same chat

It happens in fleet, local and corp chat, it then disconnects are reconnects and does this fun little trick many times over a session

Of course it’s top party trick is to go into a disconnect/reconnect loop and the only way you can stop it constantly looping is to log out

I’m tired of the chat systems cr*p and the reply i got from the support staff was not helpful or encouraging, so yes here im venting a touch :slight_smile:


Don’t know if others had the same problem, but figure I’d mention something as it is frustrating when the chat goes down. I think it was Saturday morning when I logged on and no chats were working at all. At least I presume so, because it wasn’t showing anyone in my normal chats. I figured it was broke especially when local in hs wasn’t showing anything and I saw lots of people on d-scan. At first I thought it was some new thing like a day of no chat at all…but I doubt you’d do that on purpose as chats are what keep people in the game and connected to community. Anyway, I hear the old system was much better and more reliable. Maybe it is time to rethink the new system…or really focus on getting it reliable.


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How has CCP not fixed the chat system yet. The old system was completely stable; at the very least I never noticed, nor heard of, any issues with chat not functioning specifically.

The current pile of garbage constantly disconnects, loses messages, will occasionally even break completely, spamming every window with disconnect/reconnect messages until you log off, I’ve even heard of local switching systems randomly (though have not seen it firsthand, luckily). If someone enters or leaves your current system when your chat disconnects local doesn’t update correctly, either not showing the new person that has entered, or continuing to show someone who’s long gone. I’ve personally seen this where I could still jump through a system an alt of mine had been in, but was logged off in another system entirely, but the character still showed in local, hours later.

When will this get fixed?

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